Twitter Files: Is Chris Brown Taking Things Too Far With The “Black And Ugly” Jokes?

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SMH… Breezy what are you doing??? After being a do-gooder last weekend with his VA Stand Up Charity Concert, Chris Brown is already showing his azz on Twitter — making some derogatory jokes at the expense of a certain blogger who insulted him. Check the tweets on the flipside and tell us if you think his jokes are funny or an EPIC FAIL!!!



  • rainbone

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  • 1987

    You can tell chris has maad time on his hands cuz he’s always responds to negative comments made by critics and bloggers, do urself a favor and get a life….or better yet…..get a career.

  • upandatem

    I rate his jokes LAME on the funny scale…use that time to make a hit instead of feeding haters Breezy.

  • It Is What It Is...

    Well she is ugly…

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    LOL @ Chris starting his jokes by saying “JOKE TIME”…

    I’ma do that sh*t…

  • Stacey

    With all due respect, she IS ugly.

    Funny how you guys were laughing went Ice T told that white lady to eat a bowl full of d1ck$

  • Debi LaTouche

    He is metally ill. He has to be because there is no other excuse for his behavior. He doesn’t want a career he wants hecklers! Always apologizing just to do some more mess. If you dont do nothing sweetheart you wont need to apologize. I guess he cant think that far ahead.

  • Sydney™

    I have to ask again, who are his PR people? And didn’t he also have an argument with a radio host recently that was also circulated? Instead of letting various individuals get under his skin and firing off childish, unintelligent retorts, perhaps his time would be better spent on rehabilitating his image, which is still languishing, I believe, no?

    All the infantile antics just make him more of a target.

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  • eswe

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  • Selly

    The only people who feel offended are the other ugly ones. When a comedian makes a joke abt Color, everybody be laughing right???

  • Impulse Magazine

    People need to give Chris Brown a break, he is only 21 years old

  • Human Racist

    i’m convinced he and sandrarose are in cahoots… the pseudo beef drives hits to her site and reignites his flat lining career.


    CHRIS BROWN is such a CHILD.

    He has learned NOTHING.

    He’s still being a Misogynist. What is he going to attack people who don’t support him??? What a LOSER.

    He needs to stop being concerned with Twitter and Blogs and get hsi life together.

    He is VILE.

    No wonder he has no fans left.

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