Is Ci-Error Gay? The Only Time She’s Ever With A Man Is In A Magazine!!!

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"Ciara in French Vogue"

Ciara may not be getting checks in America but they absolutely love her overseas. She’s featured in the current issue of French Vogue Magazine with three men, leaving everything to your imagination of what is really going on. We’ve noticed that Ciara hasn’t been seen in public with a guy since Bow Wow because 50 Cent is technically still speculation…

Hmmm… Wonder If She Would Like to Play with Nicki Minaj???


  • wow

    Wow! Leave this girl alone.

  • David

    If three dudes were to sleep with the same women at 1 time. Then they are gay, and I would never sleep with that women. But hey I grew up in America the land of double standards??

  • 1-900-Need-A-Man

    Maybe she’s still in love with Bow Wow and can’t get over him, so she refuses to move on???

  • LuvN_Life

    What does it matter???? Thats her perogative AND her business

  • S

    This post is reeeeeally lame. :\

  • Monique1974

    If anything, Ciara comes across to me as bisexual. I don’t know, I could be wrong, but that’s what vibes she gives off to me. She seems to lean more towards being into women though. Nevertheless, these photos look pretty good.

  • Veronica

    Nah. I think she’s with 50 Cent. You don’t see him with any women either. So he must be gay too?? LOL. I think these two are keeping it very low-key. Why do people have to be public with their relationships?

  • Dianarose

    what a dumb post. no story here.

  • carofyy888

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  • Pamela Martha Focker

    Veronica is a ci-error stan because NOBODY ever believed 50 was with this she-man.

    damn French Vogue is falling the f off if they put a has-been singer with an adams apple in there.

  • Who cares!!

    Her boyfriend thinks the same as her.

  • natural_beauty2012

    Wtf ciara is gorgeous n its sad that the same ones callin her ugly or a he/she probably dream of looking like her. Smdh go Ciara get ya money girl n leave these lame O’s broke with u consistently on their mind LOL I love it!!



  • sholla21

    Just because she’s not desperate to have a man on her arm doesn’t mean she’s gay.

    *roll eyes*

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