RocNation Pop Princess Lil ‘Lexis Jordan Gets A Video For “Happiness”

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"RocNation singer Alexis Jordan"

Alexis Jordan, the latest teenager to join Jay-Z’s RocNation released the video for her first single “Happiness.” Pop the hood to watch

Something about this video reminds us of an early (think ‘Pon De Replay’) Rihanna mixed with Jordin Sparks. Do you like the video?

Alexis is all clean and wholesome now but give her a couple years of hanging with the Illuminati bunch and … SMH


  • whyw

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    that girl looks so familiar…

    I bet that she could do a helluva cover of UMBRELLA

  • Niko

    I like it. A lil different!

  • Keep it Real

    She would never make top female singer at a baptist church. lol. At best average, however, she might be able to get a recording contract and pull off a gimmicky act. What these kids listen to these days just makes me SMDH. She could also never be a back up singer for a major act. Those chicks can REALLY SANG.

    That’s strange. I made the same comment on the Teyana “The Treasure Troll” Taylor Post

  • n

    {whispers} hurry and make that money, it’s about to make U!

  • L-eazy

    She looks like another ordinary light-skinned chick, pretty though, but can we see something different for once!
    And the song is really not that good, it doesn’t seem lk she can sing at all with this song and who is her stylist! Her clothes are not poppin
    but the guy was cuuute!
    It was a hit and miss….

  • Mr.727

    L-eazy I feel you on that 100%! It is the same type of singers we have now a days, light skin, pretty with no talent! I can’t wait till this trend is over with, people are tried of the auto tune, electo crap! So glad Janelle Monae is on the scene to show these lames how you embody artistry!!!

    2010 is the dead of fake music!

  • Angel

    She looks like a younger version of Beyonce. Hmmm…is Jay Z looking for someone to replace Bey? It’s just a thought.

  • d

    She sure does look like Beyonce! So this is the other little girl Jay-Z was messing with. I sure did here that on another site.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    she favors tamia/ciara


    She cute….keep doin your thing Girl

  • Trishonda Cox

    Sooooooooooooo why did that poster that floated away have 3 eyes on it???maybe to rep the all seeing eye!!!they already started with that Illuminati stuff just not that noticable to start off with.

  • Sharie

    Song is garbage but with the right material she might be ok…. guess we’ll see right?

  • Joe Clyde

    She looks like a Black Hanna Montana.

  • lol

    This girl is gonna have to go through one helluvah transformation to become anything. And why is everybody so damn negative towards her? Every blog people is hating HARD.

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