Hate It Or Love It… Drake Feat. Lil Wayne “Miss Me,” But Why Oh Why Is VIBE Encouraging Nicki’s Madness???

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"Drake Wayne Miss Me"

Toronto singer-rapper “hush puppy” aka Drizzy Drake delivers his usual formula on “Miss Me” featuring Lil Wayne. Pop it to listen and get a sneak peek of what VIBE and Nicki Minaj are cooking up for their June issue.

Just like Grandma’s apple pie, you know what you’re gonna get and how it’s gonna taste, but you still can’t resist it.

Oh and the folks over at VIBE sent us this early image from their June issue which features Nicki Minaj on the cover.

"Nicki Minaj VIBE Magazine image"

This isn’t the cover shot, but what do you think of the image?

We’re still not feeling the overly exaggerated “doll” poses but she might be onto something with those eyelash extensions.

Let’s just hope the kids don’t get carried away trying to replicate in crafts class!!!



  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    *going back to listen to either Amel Larrieux, Sade or Goapele*

  • witeshoes

    That drake ish is the worst mess I’ve ever heard in my life…..nicki minaj is just plain crazy!

  • witeshoes

    Is drake serious with this garbage?

  • forever eastsider*

    sorry but drake is so predictable…the beats be nice but then he sounds the same whether he’s singing or rapping, im starting to get bored..and the nicki pic is aight…every pic i see her in is so done up, if she jus tones the costume thing down a little, we could appreciate her beauty more

  • MiZz B

    ahhh i love this! drake is amazing he dosent have to be ur typical rapper from the hood to be good! i luv wut he said about nicki!! :D

  • Somali Ninga


  • Nicole The Nympho: I Saw Drake, He Loves His Fans

    drake baby i love you sweetie pie but i’m not feelin this i like the singing partof the song, maybe because i like singing drake more than rapping drake but i saw and met drake sunday he is quite the sweetie and is quite humble and loves his fans , he invited fans to the front row and we had a blast he pointed out people in the nosebleed seats and everything he also bought his father’s family to the concert ( yea he was in Memphis tn ) and homeboy looks 10x better in person unlike some celebs so drizzy keep your head up and dont be scared to try new things!

  • Mr.727

    So glad this bubblegum a s s s h i t is being phased out! Nicki just shows how dense an unintelligent you can be! Being pretty is not a substitute for real talent! Drake is just like any other rapper!He sounds like a fake a s s Lil Wayne, then all his songs sound so weak!

    Thank God Janelle Monae is on the scene to shows these weak a s s artist how to really put your creativity to use!!!!

  • NeeNee

    so right Mr 727! Janelle Monae is truly a blessings considering all the nonsense bring made today.

  • ATLlady

    Janelle Monae is the next best thing!!

  • Scoopy

    YALL are HATERS…I like this.

  • MissCandyce

    Aint nobody hating…we knw crap when we hear it

  • MsCollierKeepsIt1Billi

    Cute pic, I like her style. She is different and so is Janelle Monae. Lauryn Hill is probably not coming back and is probably working behind the scenes on a script or something to get paid. Rap is a young woman’s game.

  • Burg's Boy

    HBG *STARCITY* 717

    “I Got so many styles, I am a group”

    Haha at the haters..

  • smh!

    well i hurd kim just got signed to roc nation, so this lil nicki faze is bout to end abruptly!

    Far as drake go…..time will tell.

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