As Soon As We Asked If Ciara Was Gay, She’s Spotted In Public With A New Dude

- By Bossip Staff

"Ciara Goes Shopping with her Bodyguard"

Just the other day, inquiring minds wanted to know which way Ciara likes to swing??? Of course this was still a mystery until we came upon these pictures of her out shopping in L.A. with a dude and an old one at that.

Flip the Lid to See What’s Going On…

"Ciara Goes Shopping with her Bodyguard"

Really nothing!!! According to Ciara’s fansite, the dude shopping with her is only a bodyguard. We knew it was to good to be to true, Ciara out with a man that is chopping her down… YEAH RIGHT!!!!


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  • juliemango

    Appearances say platonic\work relationsip 2 me!!!

  • Eleanor

    1st for the first time =))

  • Eleanor

    Oh no! Someone took the first place =((

  • SXSW

    Ciara looks fab.

    Stop speculatig on people’s personal lives anyway. It’s nobody’s business

  • Soul Man


  • sexual trini

    d@mn it…i knew i shouldnt have clicked on this but im bored…so any who….they dont look like their together they just look like business partners shopping…btw so what it she’s swings left right or straight it still wont make a difference in her singing. cuz she still ccant sing either which way she swings. but i will say she looks nice very tom boyish(if thats even a word)

  • =/mary=/

    who cares if shes gay or not

  • I don't date Black Americans

    What is with all of the hair weave?

  • whyw

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  • Vixen80

    That bodyguard can get it! lol

  • You Smell Me??

    Shouldn’t bodyguards be big? I mean what the hell is he gonna protect her from, midgets?

    No offense to midgets or anything…

  • rain

    ciara’s not gay, alicia keys is gay

  • Matix B( Cool G Rap-Roots of Evil)

    Yeah too much weave, it looks very fake. Ladies it’s cool to show your real hair sometimes, you aren’t fooling anyone with the mountain of hair. What the hell are you hiding? Weave is cool in moderation but this is way too much hair!

  • dedee

    SLow news week I guess, that’s her bodyguard and she’s been seen with him for months if not years now, Try better than going to crustyrose for scoop she don’t do research either

  • maria

    ciara dose not have to have a man with her all the time. she dose not have to have a man chopping her down as u so called put it. some women like to be by their self and that way their is no drama in their lives all the time, cause as we know ladies men are drama (all the time) so let her chill the way she likes to chill ok

  • !!!!!


  • GOTYOU -

    Oh blah. This style of reporting is so boring. It offers only speculation and no insight. Whether she’s straight or gay it doesn’t interest me. She’s an entertainer so if it doesn’t pertain to her art I do not care.

  • her

    How come he doesn’t come with her to any events if that’s her bf? I think shes gay too period.

  • Nope

    I still say that is her body guard. He is with her at all events. This is to throw you off guard about the rumors of her and 50.

  • g

    i do not care if she is gay i like her music

  • candi

    what does it matter? maybe for this reason (negative blogs and paps) she doesn’t go flaunting her relationships.

  • Pamela Martha Focker

    can you wear any more weave on your head? black girls are so lost…or is that a man?

  • Maureen

    Why do people think she’s gay? *scratches head*

  • Tanya

    So I guess Bow Wow does not count.

  • DAJ

    Dude is Mariah Carey’s bodyguard. Check it. Maybe he’s not working for MC anymore.

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