Fail And Fail Again… Lil Mama Can’t Beg, Borrow Or STEAL Her Way To Success

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"Lil Mama in all black for the Shawty Get Loose Video with Chris Brown"

Bigger stars have committed worse crimes and gotten away with them, but Lil Mama has already been on the fail train for a minute and this is looking like the last stop. Pop the hood to find out what she ‘done did’ now!

We thought it was a wrap for Lil Mama after that stunt she pulled at the VMA’s, but we forgot she still had her “America’s Best Dance Crew” card to pull and pull it she did. The walking disaster planned to shoot a video with ABCD, Romeo and the New Boys but it turns out she couldn’t be trusted with her borrowed wardrobe.

According to RadarOnline:

“Lil Mama borrowed clothes for a video shoot and she and all the dancers trashed all the cloths and stole the rest,” the source said. “Some of the clothes were totally ruined, with paint spots and dirt all over them.”

The borrowed wardrobe included some big name designers like Metropark and Rock Revival.

The producer of the music video attempted to get Lil Mama’s people to return the stolen items but had no luck.

“There has been endless lying throughout this scandal that has now been labeled the “Lil Mama Drama” and the producer has plans to take them to court,” the source added.

“The video was made in conjunction with Lil Romeo, New Boys and America’s Best Dance Crew.”

After seeing her preferred style (if you can call it that) on numerous red carpets, we can only imagine the paint had something to do with trying to make everything look like Rainbow Brite exploded on it. But somebody needs to whoop her lil azz for stealin’! SMH



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