Drake Holds On To Jigga’s Jock Strap And Belt Buckle: “Jay-Z Gave Me A Life Lesson”

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Drake spoke on the “Light Up” collabo we dropped here on Bossip the other day. He is praising Jay-Z for doing more than just spitting with him and doing a song… although they were not in the studio together. Pop the hood for his words

“The Song really came from, Jay had a busy year, obviously, with The Blueprint 3 and the success of that and the tour,” Drake said in an interview. “So we didn’t do it in the same room. But me and Jay have a lot of great conversations, man. So it would never just be like, ‘I’m gonna send you something, and we’re not gonna talk about it, and you send it back. We really talked about it…And Jay’s joint on the album is so important on the album, because it’s another turning point. Whereas ‘Over’ is a turning point for me, ‘Light Up’ … Jay, really, I think it’s one of my favorite Jay verses. Jay not only gave me a great verse, but a life lesson. And I think he’s gonna give everybody a life lesson just about this business. It’s incredible.”

So you really talked about it… on the phone, Skype, what?


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