Drake Holds On To Jigga’s Jock Strap And Belt Buckle: “Jay-Z Gave Me A Life Lesson”

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Drake spoke on the “Light Up” collabo we dropped here on Bossip the other day. He is praising Jay-Z for doing more than just spitting with him and doing a song… although they were not in the studio together. Pop the hood for his words

“The Song really came from, Jay had a busy year, obviously, with The Blueprint 3 and the success of that and the tour,” Drake said in an interview. “So we didn’t do it in the same room. But me and Jay have a lot of great conversations, man. So it would never just be like, ‘I’m gonna send you something, and we’re not gonna talk about it, and you send it back. We really talked about it…And Jay’s joint on the album is so important on the album, because it’s another turning point. Whereas ‘Over’ is a turning point for me, ‘Light Up’ … Jay, really, I think it’s one of my favorite Jay verses. Jay not only gave me a great verse, but a life lesson. And I think he’s gonna give everybody a life lesson just about this business. It’s incredible.”

So you really talked about it… on the phone, Skype, what?


  • ashley

    get off his balls drake damn!!

  • i love my man

    its kinda cute little mc to big mc. at least he is being grateful and not cocky.

  • RihRihthegoatthroat

    Good for him given props to the man he is so much trying to become

  • real black is chocolate

    f’ck gay-z and hie jew’s boy!!


    Interracial relationships and mixed/light-skinned is devils sh’t!

    born dark-skinned black stay dark-skinned black!


  • Somali Ninga

    Fu©k Drake!!! He’s so overrated!! I know better Cdn rappers than him! SHAD, K-OS, MOKA ONLY, SHALL I GO ON?

  • Niella J

    It’s good he’s not being cocky.




  • newvoice

    Drake rocks!

  • thedevilsadvocate

    Once again…Jay-Z contradicts himself by hopping on a track with this autotunes abusing singer after making a diss record called “Death of Autotune”.

    Honestly, I think Jay only did tracks with him cuz the Jewish execs in the biz told him to…thats why he wouldn’t even take time out of his schedule for a studio session with him. they look out for their own and i’m sure wouldn’t mind seeing one of their own make it big in rap and have an influence on black culture.

    He can’t be considered a rap artist when he has tracks where he sings the whole time, regardless of whether he uses autotunes. We would never accept him as a rap artist unless a rapper like Jay-Z cosigns for him.

    Granted he’s a talented song writer who makes catchy tunes, but the auto tunes singing has gotta stop. Leave the singing for people with true vocal talent…I’m sick of hearing robots on the radio.

  • Bored-with-it-all

    Drake grinning in that wheelchair with those baggy a$$ sweats…..too funny

    What so great about a damn whiny nasal voice Jay-z, he didn’t catch my ears until after him and his female thief stole Tupac’s bonnie and clyde

    If I have to credit anybody for being “ONE” not “THE” but “ONE” of the GOAT I’m giving it to LL Cool J just for around the way girl. Can Jay-z nasal voice rap a smooth sounding love song, is he versatile like that, and isn’t Drake’s trying to do that LL Cool J rap a love song concept. Why is he on Jay-z’s scrotum and not LL’s……oh these phony a$$ young rappers are killin’ me

  • :)

    He looks more retarded the crippled. LOL Poor Drake.

  • :)


  • bklyn lady

    Drake is one funny looking azz dude.

    Jay looks cooler than a fan in that pic. Swagga on a hundred thosand trillion!

  • juliemango

    Id love 2 be privy to those convos between Drake & JayZ!!!

  • http://suchalady.wordpress.com SuchALady

    Good job Drake…giving respect when it’s due…that’s how you earn. *in Tupac voice* “Do ya thang boy.”

    That is all.

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