Is Janet Jackson Hitting The Road? American Idol Appearance Sparks Tour Talk

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"Janet Jackson Performs On American Idol"

Janet Jackson has some big plans in the works. BOSSIP has learned that Janet Jackson is considering going back on tour! Pop the hood for details.

After being so well received on American Idol earlier this week, Janet is seriously considering hitting the road for her first big tour in two years.

According to TMZ:

Sources tell TMZ Janet Jackson was so “blown away” by the positive reaction to her appearance on the “American Idol” finale that she’s “seriously entertaining” a concert tour … that could begin before the end of the year.

Janet was amazing on Wednesday’s “Idol” — performing “Again,” “Nothing,” and “Nasty.” We’re told as of today a concert tour is now on the front burner.

People are already talking about Janet’s next live appearance — which is headlining opening night of the Essence Music Festival, on July 2nd in New Orleans. From what we hear tickets have been moving quickly for Janet’s Friday night show!

Janet’s had it rough losing her brother and we really want to see her do well — but at the same time can y’all remember what happened with the “Rock Witchu” tour??? She ended up canceling a lot of those dates!

For her sake we’re hoping that now that she’s got a new haircut and a new man, she’ll turn a new corner in her career as well!



  • 1987

    Good luck jj, just remember that one good performance isn’t gonna turn ur career around, u have to put in more work, my dear.


    she puts to shame all these gimmicky artists ….you go gal……

  • jesise3466

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  • Top Notch Diva

    She did a great job on American Idol! & her body is the business! She will put Bey’s body to shame!!!


    for all of ya’ll who thinks Janet needs your advice on what it takes to make a tour successful, she doesn’t she has been in this business damn near her entire life, she got this….but good looking out though.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    @Top Notch Diva

    Truth. Janet is 16 years older than me. Her body literally made me put down my donut and head to the gym.

  • Get Real

    I grew up on Janet but my ears have fully matured. Lip syncing dance artist got my parents money back in the day but now that I am a grown azz hard working woman I don’t spend $ on dance artist. I will check out Maxwell & Jill Scott when they come to town.

  • RoyBoy

    I hope Janet goes back on tour. I went to the Rock Withchu tour here in Chicago and she put on a BRILLIANT show. She was GREAT!!! The reason why the tour didn’t do so well was because the label and the promoters didn’t promote the concert well.

    I would love to see her back on tour. She just need the right people like Madonna or U2. I went to see Madonna and she sold out both dates in Chicago in like 10 minutes.

  • Reggieinbham

    Janet was off-the-chain on American Idol. I hope she raised the standards for the talent they choose for the pop show. I feel in love with Janet all over again. I thought I had gotten over her. LOL

  • juliemango

    Ppl get @ janet while shes hot!!!


    What ‘Rock Witchu’ Tour?

  • Oski

    Lmfao. Hopefully people actually want to pay to see her this time.

    After all the negativity her brother had from the media, he was still able to sell out 50 dates in one city like it was nothing..

    I wish her luck though. She looked amazing that night..but I still wouldn’t pay to see it live.


    Why does her ear look like a p*ssy?

  • TRUTH IS....

    put it down now janet…try something new

  • Virginia News

    Get real, yeah she lip syncs. But I can’t help but wish the best to Janet.

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