Kim’s Cakes, Kourtney’s Breast Implants, And Khloe’s ______________ Do Vegas Magazine

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Kourtney Kim Khloe Kardashian Vegas Magazine

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Odom, and Kourtney Kardashian are featured in the latest issue of Vegas Magazine. We can’t even front, Kourtney’s shoe game is on fire in this shot.

Pop it to see more bathing suit flicks..


  • Somali Ninga

    DAMN!!! Kim you really fu©ked up ur face with all that work!!!

  • Virginia News

    god help me, but khloe is turning out to be prettier than kim or kourtney. who knew she would age better than the other two chickenheads?

  • Karen

    Looking good ladies. Keep doing you. The haters hate themselves, so you know they have nothing else but to hate on you guys, as they will.

  • Kyle

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  • JS

    Kourtney is GORGEOUS!! Always thought so too.

  • too cute

    they look great,cute shapes,perfect,Kim face looks different,her nose,hope she did’nt have work,because she’s a pretty girl

  • ricki

    Kourtney was always the prettiest and had the best body before and after pregnancy. Poor kim,she used to be pretty…i guess her body is still nice, but she is NO kourtney.

  • modern_

    kourtney is by far the prettiest! kim used to look like her

  • sholla21

    Kourtney looks cute.

    Kim used to have such a pretty face. All that pulling and filling is ruining natural her beauty.

    No comment on Mrs Odom…

  • TRUTH IS....

    I like kourt

  • SimplyMe

    Always was a fan of Kourtney plus she’s thee best looking, and seems to be the one with intelligence!

  • dee

    kourtney has always been the prettier of the three. she should be the one with all the shine….guess she’s not as greedy as the other two.

  • R_U_Trying_To_Prove_Her_Right?

    If you HAVE to make posts about three white sisters CONSTANTLY, just to get a rise out of the usual suspects, I suggest that you go back to the 1940s and dig up some stuff on the


    Patty, Laverne and Maxine could sing their white a$$e$ off — and boogie with the best of them.

    And these three can ……

    Uh, and they also are talented at ……

    Err ….

    Hmmmmmmm ….

  • Marlena

    Who are these people and why are they famous??

  • Lynn

    Woow, some people are just so dumb. Especially that guy who said that “black lonely females thingy”… And they’re not white, they’re Armenian.

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