Bangers: Halle Berry And Rihanna Soaking Up Some Sun…

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Halle Berry seemed to be having a great time and loving the solo life as she hit the beach in Miami, FL

Halle Berry was spotted out in Miami on the beach with some dudes…

Pop it for more pics of Halle and some of Rihanna in a bikini…


  • lilbabiphat2004


  • LuvN_Life

    EEEEEEEwH,is that blood on the front of Rihanna’s bikini Bottom????

  • erikajblue

    Both ladies look nice

  • hottiehellyeah


  • Pasha

    That is not BLOOD idiots. She’s not completely bald in that area, that’s why it’s looking like that. Geeze!! SMDH

  • jordan

    Halle Berry is the nicest looking woman on this planet effortlessly.

    Is Rih grabbing her bo obs for the photo op?? smh I’m so sorry but she is really tired to me anymore just doesn’t do it for me. No stage performing skills and singing or lack thereof..stop shaving your head now let that ish grow back you and Scary Spice looking reeal lame grown as s women doing young girl ish

  • cherrydu

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  • miss infamous

    Damn I need to hit the gym!

  • kim

    Nice look ladies.

    Haters at home hiding behind computers and Halle and Ri-Ri living it up and living their lives. Hmmmmmmmmmmm!! Wonder how that turns out in the end?

  • Bacqui

    A sellout and a hoe>>> Enough wit da menstrual rumours u’r takin things a lil bit far

  • real black is chocolate

    both are ugly old fake azzez looking sellout wh0res!


    Interracial relationships and mixed/light-skinned is devils sh’t!

    born dark-skinned black stay dark-skinned black!


  • mmhmm

    My thoughts exactly

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    damn they got it made! i dont like rihanna much but damn! i wish i had it like that

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    rihanna looks bleached in the face without make up

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