Bill Maher Cracks Jokes On Obama…Is It Racist Or Are People Taking His Jokes Too Serious???

- By Bossip Staff

Barack Obama Bill Maher

Bill Maher recently made some jokes about President Obama not acting like a “Black” president on his HBO show. Continue…

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  • Air It Out!!!

    agree with lanette!!!!

    This man isnt racist! He used to mess with Superhead. He has all kind of black people on his show!! This is just comedy and it was funny! We being a lil too sensitive here

  • miss infamous

    I doubt he is racist seeing he has a thing for black chicks!


    He just said he wants a gangsta president. That was some funny shit. And yes, it is racist. But, so was Richard Pryor humor, Paul Mooney humor, Chris Rock humor. A lot of humor is!

  • White Devil

    If Bill O’Reilly had said it, would you be asking whether or not it was racist?

  • Qwerty

    Bill Maher is usually really funny. This wasn’t. I don’t think he’s racist though.

  • Well Alright.......

    Bill Maher (and others like him), cracks me up with creating his “FALSE REBELLION”, so that that the stupid people will remain ignorant. You would think by now that most Americans know that all of this is just smoke and mirrors. Illuminati Bill, is just doing what he’s paid to do, while giving mis-information and flashing that satanic hand sign effortlessly. How do you think that people like Bill Maher,entertainers, and the POTUS get “discovered”?

  • juliemango

    The white in Obama would not allow him to be the black President BM and others want j/k!!!

  • Lovelybubbly

    Bill Maher can date black women are still dislike blacks maybe he like a black woman it doesn’t mean he embraces every aspect of black culture and heritage. Bill Maher seems like the cocky type of guy who thinks he knows who black people think and behave that’s why he made the comment, but every black male isn’t carrying a gun quick to go off or act menacing when provoked so Bill Maher is wrong to insinuate that stereotype.

  • Gymo

    Bill has always been a strong supporter of black causes, and has stated that many of the people he admires are black.
    The only crime here is a failed joke.
    – Many blacks and Whites love Obama so they are pretty protective and sensitive to his image.
    Obama is not Black/White he’s just Obama. – Get used to it Bill.

  • KIA

    his joke wasn’t funny thats all. black comedians make white jokes all the time. but the difference is its actually funny and truthful. like chris rock, Bernie mack, etc. his jokes are referring to rappers, thugs, and the ghetto. no1 important. whereas black comedians cover every type of white person so its not derogatory.

  • GOTYOU -

    Sorry but it is racist. Just because Bill Maher has supported the president in the past does mean he’s not a racist. What he said is that Blacks are supposed to act a certain way.

  • Smittyt

    @Kia ,so you think when black people joke each other ,that somehow make it alright for whites to joke blacks too.Haven’t you heard of the old saying .(IT’S A BLACK THING) ,you know the rest.

  • PuckeredHell

    @Air It Out!!!

    This man isnt racist! He used to mess with Superhead. He has all kind of black people on his show!! This is just comedy and it was funny! We being a lil too sensitive here

    U’re a dumb f*ck! What does f*cking a skeez have to do with racism? U’re one stu*pid ff*ck!

  • Zina (The Original Princess)

    F*ck him! Does he have a mutha f*ckin problem???? Oh wait, adding fuel to the fire…tsk tsk tsk

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