Some Evening Cakes: Shakur, Rosa Acosta, & More

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"Black Men's Magazine's cover girls have a photoshoot in Puerto Rico"

Memorial Weekend has been busy for the Men’s magazine models! Black Men’s Mag cover ladies Shakur, Rosa Acosta, Suelyn Madeiros and Avonte Wright headed to Puerto Rico for a shoot with Canadian artist J Star, while Amazin’ Amie and LA Brown were in Los Angeles for a Show Magazine shoot… Pop the hood for more shots



    nice shots cute girls

  • BK

    meh… tired of hoes.

  • tb

    Why the one black girl got to be hidden in the back?

  • OH SHI T


  • Notanotherbigbootymodel

    Yes, yes, yes, worship our curves! Nothing like the smell of fresh silicone & fried weaves. According 2 this mag BM want to look at non black trannys; No wonder they all keep getting accused of being on the DL. U kno that’s Pete Burns in the gold.

  • jen

    all these ppl are irrelevent

  • K-O-O-L G-U-Y-!~:Says,ALL, A,wee,IS,oneFAMILY-All,A,WEe,is-ONE"


  • dayg715

    is the black generation 50 years from now gonna be proud of us? my guess is no. SMH.

  • jen

    ppl dnt let the media fool u. the media hates blk women and demonize us because the media is ran by white ppl. all media is ran by whites even the so-called urban ones. dnt believe the hype.

    yes the media hates darkskin women but in real life black men do not hate black women. in real life darkskin women have no problem getting male attention. dnt let the media brainwash u

  • RAI

    And darkskinned women hate lightskin sisters so what is ur point. We r all black at the end of the day and efinitely in the eyes of White America. There is so much hate on these sites it aint funny. Africans hate caribbeans, Caribbeabs hate Afro-Americans. Afro-Americans hate every body. When will d madness stop.

  • Read Between The Lines

    I’m from Canada and I have never heard of “J Star”. I guess he must have some deep pocket sponsors to pull this off.

  • chaka1

    drkskinned women should jump off a bridge. Everyone hates them. blah blah blah…

  • jen


    darkskin women do not hate lightskin women. ur another drone that has been brainwashed by the media. all this lightskin/darkskins stuff is not has been exaggerated by the media and too many gullible ppl are falling for it

  • saradu44

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  • ErikaKane

    Amazin Amie, Suleyn, and LA Brown are pretty the rest of those girls look busted from the neck up. Like some California orangy tanned trannies.

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