What The HELL??? MMA Fighter Cut Out His Friend’s Heart And Cooked It Because He Thought He Was The Devil?

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"MMA fighter Jarrod Wyatt accused of killing friend Taylor Powell"

This story is completely nuts…

Jarrod Wyatt, a 26-year-old Mixed Martial Arts fighter is currently on trial for murdering his friend, 21-year-old Taylor Powell, removing his face and tongue, as well as his heart which he also cooked in a wood stove. Details under the hood

As you can probably imagine, yes drugs were involved. Powell and Wyatt drank “mushroom tea” along with Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend Billy Jo Bailey and another friend, Justin Davis:

According to the Times-Standard, prosecutors claim the pair took mushrooms along with two other friends in late March. The paper reports that witnesses say Powell and Wyatt “became preoccupied with the idea that a tidal wave was coming, that the end of the world was upon them and that a struggle between God and the devil was taking place.”

When police arrived, they found Wyatt naked and covered in dried blood. According to an officer at the scene, Wyatt admitted to cutting out his victim’s tongue and heart. Powell’s corpse included an 18-inch incision on his chest, and Wyatt allegedly said he cooked the 21-year-old’s heart in a wood stove to “stop the devil.”

Complete. Utter. Insanity.

The moral of the story, boys and girls, is Do Not Drink Mushroom Tea!

Hallucinogens are no joke.

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  • ayla

    omg.. this world is gettin sicker from day to day..

  • Miss Lady


  • ayla


  • Eva

    Wow…just wow!!!

  • i am first

    WOW WTF.

    First!!! :]

  • phatcakes

    And in “white people’s land”

  • http://deleted I Am Legend

    Thats why I never did mushrooms…LMAO

  • The lilyflower

    6/1/10, 19:21:PM
    omg.. this world is gettin sicker from day to day..
    Ikr this world is sickk wtf cutting out his friends hurt wth is up with that

  • Reality

    Moving on along, this is normal white people behaviour. More shall happen as the economy recovers.

  • White Devil

    This is local news for me. There is a major drug problem up here. This isn’t even the weirdest story. A couple of weeks ago, a guy cut his own nu ts off and flushed them down the toilet. He told the cops there were monsters in them.

  • lisa

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  • Macori

    He looks like a mushroom. This story is sick. Imagine this world is going to get worse.

  • MizzleKnows

    Damn…This is Big Lurch all over again


  • http://www.sexcrimedefenseattorney.com Joe

    Yet another strong argument against drugs.

  • http://trusrevue.blogspot.com 1TruDiva w/ the PlatinumVocals--I'm just too good to be true!!!

    Well I’m glad he at least attempted to eat ’em ’cause my Grandmother always said you shouldn’t kill nothing you’re not gonna eat.

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