“The Gay Housewives Of New York” Type Show Coming To Logo Called The A List

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Gay Housewives of New York

Reality TV is about to get even more “interesting”…the gay TV network Logo has a new show premiering this summer called “The A List” where coupled up gay guys (mostly models) “live it up” in NYC.

Peep the cast on the flippy…

Be sure to click on the images for the info on each individual cast member…

Via Gawker


  • LuvN_Life


  • 6 Figgaz

    And this is relevant to B*ss*p (with a capital B!) readers because???…

  • drenk

    does the A stand for AIDS….?

  • jen

    shout outs to all the dudes that clicked on this….ur gay

  • Jay

    Maybe if someone is gay they may care!! People should not be so quick to judge, if you dont care then maybe YOU should not have clicked on this article. IM JUST SAYING!!

  • Mock Rock Star

    Seems like a interesting show…I’ll tune in when my husband is not around :-)

  • chaka1

    Mike Ruiz is a fantastic photographer. Why on Earth would he want to be part of this bull? Everyone else needs more people…

  • kisha

    i feel So sorry for those poor white men they must be discriminated against every day…black people have BET so i dont see why those poor WHITE people should not have their own LOGO TV and pride day etc.

  • sholla21

    I guess it’s Queer As Folk Unscripted.

  • Mock Rock Star should have been aborted.

    YUCK! File this under when men try to become women and FAIL MISERABLY

  • Pete

    A show about a bunch of gay guys who are too good looking, fabulous and of course too overwhelmed with themselves.


  • daahlingnikki

    its going to be like real housewives of nj but with less body hair and cursing…

  • She said it.

    Yum Yum

  • Bun Babylon

    *kissing teeth*


  • Just Bored

    “A” stands for that AZZZZ

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