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Ne-Yo 001

Ne-Yo can’t handle his liquor:

I learned the hard way that me and liquor do not mix. I’m not the violent one, I am just the one throwing up … I went out with Jay-Z once. Shots came around but around the fifth I noticed that no one else was drinking them … Nine later and I was throwing up outside of Jay-Z’s car … He threatened to send me the cleaning bill if I was sick inside.

What a little gaylord…



  • Corree

    ^5 Sugawalls. He’s gay as all hell.

  • I'm Just Me- 25 OFFICIALLY!! BTW: I keep the purp by the pound!!


    FOR REAL!!!



    What up Suga!

  • versace

    He is talented though you can’t take that away from him. Singing, dancing, writing, producing. Do your thang NeYeo! Beyonce and Rihhina can’t do what he does!

  • Redd Tony aka Earth Sign (Its time for a Revolution)

    ^^^Yeah Neyo is talented as hell though. He does look like a gaylord in this pic though…lol

  • Kahmmillion

    Ne-Yo, bleach much?

  • finally17nluvinit

    he’s looking like a catfish out of water in that pic….lol


    *he’s looking like a catfish out of water in that pic….lol* ~ that ish is soooooo funny.

  • Nique_is_LaLaLovely...Soon2B"mRs"...GOD will have the last say!

    LoL… the pic is horrible and Neyo should have learned how much liq. he could take yearssss ago. I don’t think Jay was being insensitive, the man has nice cars, I wouldn’t want a mofo throwin up in my Accord, let alone somethin as expensive as Jay drives!! So i’m wit you on that one Jay-Z!!

  • tasty

    please with all yall gossip sites jus stop it with this picture! i cant take it! i hate seein it! and yall jus love to post it! the foundation, glossed lips, nd that damn pose is jus too much for me to handle! and whhyyyy is he on the floor like that! oh i hate it…..

  • kenya

    he can’t handle his liquor, but he sure looks like he smoked some good green

  • Moanmyname(no sausage in my dumplings)

    Who cares?? I dont….smh on Neyo’s behavior

  • sniper

    yeah right no one was drinking the shots…

    more like Neyo is just a light weight

  • terry

    he was sick with dick juice. i’m sure johnny gil would have slurped it up.

  • http://www.myspace.com mizz.lurke

    wow he looks extra gay in this picture.

  • Doagae

    Why can’t he just pass out and give it up like a good girl…..

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