Hi Hater: Negroes Love to Hate on BO

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There was a Negro fest recently by Cornel West, Julianne Malveaux, and Tavis Smiley where the pseudo intellectuals took time to blast Barack Obama’s DNC nomination speech. Jesse “I want to cut off his nuts” Jackson is not the only negro who knows his time is up, Tavis Smiley and Cornel West know their time is up too.

Click here to watch the video.

That old school ‘Afro-negro’ intellectualism is not going to cut it anymore and these hardcore chitlin eatin’ negroes are fighting back. They don’t understand that BO wants to win, that’s the prize. They would rather have Obama speaking at a Jena 6 rally defending some thugs than being Leader of the Free World. SMH. Go sit your ho asses down!

Cornel West is the same guy who (with Jesse Jackson) made whether he was going to teach at Harvard or Princeton a national racial issue. SMH. West also criticized BO for not marching or speaking for Jena 6. Tavis criticized BO for not coming to his “State of the Black Union’ meeting. Next thing you know these negroes will want BO in a bow tie with some Final Calls at the next rally.

Obviously, these negroes are jealous or stupid.

We say both.


  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    All they could say was “he didn’t say enough about Dr. King”, “didn’t say what he was gonna do for the Black community”…he’s not a civil rights leader, he’s running for President of the UNITED STATES! Funny thing, the King family loved his speech just the way it was. Hi Haters indeed! These old guard Black politicians need to hang it up, it’s not the 60s anymore, if Black people wanna succeed in this country, we have to get some economic clout and start voting, we’re not even the biggest minority group anymore! Look at the Jews and AIPAC, money talks, sit-ins don’t!

  • divorced 8-18-08...

    @stick n- sweet

    Damn harsh but true.

  • APimpNamedSlickback

    I have a LOT of respect for these 3 individuals… I’ve seen Dr. West speak, I’ve participated in chats with Dr. Malveaux, and listed to Mr. Smiley every week on the Tom Joyner show… but they are SOOOOOO very far off on this issue. It’s been known for the last 2 1/2 months that Obama would be giving his acceptance speech on the King anniversary – why beat a dead horse? He made a reference to it which, in my opinion, was exactly the way to do it. It conjured up just enough memory and emotion for YOU, the listener, to get the message. Didn’t have to water it down like these ‘bamas suggest. They just expect Obama to have this overt black agenda and think about the rest of the country, or the world for that matter? This is not the Urban League or NAACP. Get it together haters…

  • Willie

    @stick n- sweet

    So Very True

    Keep it real.

    Tavis is pissed because his show gets no ratings; Roland martin basically stole his shine!

    And the others know there back door dealing ass’s time is most definitely up!

    Jesse Jackson needs to take care of his illegitimate. And stop using every civil rights tragedy to extort money for himself and the rest of his family.

    I haven’t heard any of these negro’s bring up the mentally disabled black women in Virginia who got raped and tortured or the black women in Florida that got raped by those simple muthf*ckas.

  • ladysoulflower

    its jealousy…although i have some respect for each of them for different reasons- they are jealous, because they never had the tenacity or the wherewithall(sp) to run for office personally…they personify the very thing wrong with our black community today…the “hater” syndrome…we cant STAND to see a successful peer because we feel it downgrades us somehow…not all folks, but quite a few…OBAMA 08- lets get it together people……………..

  • US Air Force

    damn im gonna have to agree with the previous post

    (support our troops!!)

  • B-Nice

    I guess they don’t like the white half of Obama. It is really stupid that these selective few black so called advocators seem to believe that being is a “fad” and not a culture of people. They are washed up when it comes to knowing what the people want. Instead, they are still talking about what the people used to want.

    Cornell is just upset because he too went to Ivy League schools and basically did not accomplish much except running his mouth as often as possible about nothing. People want to take incidents such as the Jena 6 to publicly make themselves famous about talking about the issue, insead of doing something about the issue.

    Obama is not suppose to stand up their and talk all this black this, and black that while he is running for the President of the United States. Has pass president stood on stage and talk about how they were gonna only do for white people in America. No, because that would be the biggest mistake of their campaign.

    As Spike Lee would say “WAKE UP”……….

  • Rozza♥

    If he used MLK’s name, Barack would have been accused of pandering. The same as if he kept showing up at all the events they considered important. And yet, they show little to no outrage over some of the Black-on-Black criminal atrocities (in particular the one mentiond by Willie!).

    He did more than just show support for minority issues, he worked tirelessly in the neighborhoods of inner-city Chicago, while Jesse was screwing around in Chicago and stealing money from his organization to pay for his adulterous deeds.

    He did more to invalidate the use of the word Ni%%er by living as an honorable Black man who loves his family, his community, and God. Meanwhile, the oldheads are busy putting the word in a coffin and burying it, but still getting caught using it on a hot mic on national TV.

    @sticky-n-sweet and Willie: Great posts!

  • John


  • Misatisha

    I swear black people have the tear each other down method. If Hillary where the nomminee we wouldn’t hear half this mess..These other black so called leaders are jealous and mad b/c they arent where he is. You never hear from them anyway until somethinh happens.So instead of running their mouth and waiting on something to happen they need to go do something for the community as a whole..



  • Sick and Tired

    I USED to respect Tavis Smiley. But now this is just utterly ridiculous. If he REALLY cared about Black America, and not just staying relevant himself, he would know what Obama has done for the Black community. The man helped create jobs programs in Chicago, fought for voters rights in Illinois, was a Civil Rights attorney (like me!! Go Obeezie!!!), has a seemingly strong black family (good example), and is running a heck of a campaign to become leader of the free world. Now if doing for the black community is having a series of meetings about what is wrong with the black community, then no, he isn’t doing enough. But if doing for the black community is actually getting out of your comfort zone and going door to door to inform the people that they have rights (voter registration…I do it often), fighting the system in court to protect civil rights, employment rights, voter rights (has Tavis or Cornell ever done any of that??), and rearing a family with well behaved children, then that’s what I call DOING something for the community.

    Cornell IS an intellectual. I cannot knock him there. But I have never agreed with him from the beginning. When I read his “Race Matters” while in college, I was put off. It is great to be intelligent, but that doesn’t make you right. And if you actually pay attention to what he says and does, it is completely contradictory.

    People do not understand that the way you heal a situation is to attack it on every front. Everyone doesn’t need to have the same methods. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. We don’t have to march every time something happens. We need to do something before it happens. I am so sick of these reactionary negroes! DANG…our people are dying and you’re worried about a tv spot? GTFOH!! DO SOMETHING!!

  • Anon

    The only folks who have the crab in the barrel mentally are those who worship Obama like a God. Those guys can say whatever they want about Obama. He is up to be criticized. Obama has not done anything for anyone but himself. That is a fact. He is trying to win the white house. But don’t get it twisted. He is neglecting us just like everyone else, he just have a darker tan than those who came before him. I get sick every time someone says something you don’t like you call them a hater. You disagree that is fine. We all can have differing opinions. I don’t like Obama but I will celebrate if he becomes President. Not for him cause I don’t think he is capable but because it is progress. None of those jokers are qualified. Saying Obama is better than the rest is not a compliment. It is a sad set of affairs that this is the best this country have to choose from. Go and head and call me a hater, that is all this site knows how to do anyway.

  • flawda

    I never quite understood why black America needed black leaders, i don’t need no one to speak for me. It’s basically saying all black people have one mind and have one train of thought.

    Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan – don’t speak for me, don’t share my thoughts, and all they do is pander to these white news station and cry wolf.

  • Darren Tobius

    Screw Barack Obama he can kiss me where the sun don’t shine.What makes him qualified to be president anyway he’s served one term in the senate.God help us all if he wins the White house. I say again SCREW BARACK OBAMAS BLACK BUTT!

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