Nicki Minaj Caught Swagga Jackin’ Tokyo Diva: “She Needs To Stop Doing Me… Imitation Isn’t Flattering, It’s Disrespectful!!!”

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"Nicki Minaj Steals Tokyo Diva's Style"

Nicki Minaj is constantly being accused of swagger jackin’ Lil Kim’s steez. The one original thing that we all thought she owned was the clothes and crazy faces… now Nicki’s being accused of stealing that too. Tokyo Diva is putting Nicki Minaj on blast… “Nicki Minaj Stealing My Steez is a Conspiracy!!!

Are You Convinced?!??


  • Spicy_Scorpio

    Who cares? Next….

  • Keke

    Noone cares….SMDH

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    this chic favors gabby union in some pictures…kinda

  • LaDiva

    Everyone swagga jacks.
    And Nicki has done that from the beginning in her short career span.

  • Butter Pecan

    The label creates the artist. The artist is just a puppet that mimics different styles to be so called unique. She has no say so.

  • Mystyri

    Oh, GOODNESS! Will all these ppl stop coming out the blue hatin’ on Nicki? Whether she “stole your steez” or not, SHE’S relevant, YOU arent. So obviously YOU werent doing YOU well enough. Sheesh!

    And that goes for you too, old a*s Lil Kim. Had to (re)sell your soul to the devil cuz your talent alone isnt good enough. throwing up “the roc” aint you now? you’ll be looking better too, we know. devils. ugh!


    Why did she wait so long to accuse Nicki of biting?

  • emharris

    tokyo who???

  • uhh yeah ok

    sooooooooooooooo you’re swagga jackin’ Gem and Rainbow bright?

  • http://bossip MY BAAD>>

    whodat?? :/

  • babygirl~

    lol HATER ALERT!! She sounds dumb, she mad cuz she not on. Def didnt see any similarities, this chick is messy, her fits aint even cute. NONE OF THEM! LOL

  • 504 says go back to school kids okaay


  • Fact Checking


  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    @ Tokyo Diva…Since when did they start copywrighting your own personal style?! SMDH!!!! Get over it already! If anything you should feel proud that someone wants to rock this G*d awful look you keep talking about!!

  • williedynamite

    @ uhh yeah ok
    sooooooooooooooo you’re swagga jackin’ Gem and Rainbow bright?


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