Cry Me A River: Chris Brown And Diddy Got That “Curse”… Breezy Says Today Feels Like His Funeral

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"Sean Diddy Combs and Chris Brown pose at the Malaria No More Benefit"

Chris Brown and Diddy are crying and whining over lost loves AGAIN on their new collabo “Curse,” but considering these are two of the biggest man-whores in music and the fact that Breezy has done everything in his power to destroy his career in the last year, is this ish doing ANYTHING for either of them? Pop the hood to listen and tell us if you Hate It Or Love It

As much as these dudes stay in some vag, is anybody buying them acting all sad and sh*t over some broads? Is Breezy really still hurtin’ over Rihanna’s a$$??? And who the fu*k is sposed to have Diddy all strung out? J.Lo? Cuz we know it ain’t Kim Porter

And we realize EVERYTHING doesn’t have to be about Rihanna (hell we kicked that b*tch out from under OUR umbrella a long time ago) but we are getting sick of Breezy trying to make folks feel bad for him and songs like this can only continue fueling that fire.

The song isn’t half bad but does either of these ni**as have an ounce of credibility anymore? We don’t believe you, ya need more people!


  • Precious

    i love it

  • Like,.. Ya boy Glok!


  • Olivia

    @SuperstarFresh Yes well done you’ve figured how gossip sites work : ever heard of the saying all publicity’s good publicity?

  • sefe

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    i love chris’ voice it’s so beautiful, i’m not really a fan of diddy :/ but it seems like most of the stuff he touches becomes top 40 singles, i’m just glad chris aint with his label cuz diddy is hella shady and damn would yall let that situation go? they have both moved on and they doing their own thing so i say go head chris u made this song!

  • soulwoman

    It’s not about crying over an ex. They know the ladies will like it, that’s why they make songs like that.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!


    Especially with Diddy’s part on this track!

    The beat is dope though (whoever created it should have sold it to ‘Trey’ or someone else who is hott right now!)!


    I was expecting to p*ss away four minutes of my life but this track actually isn’t bad.

  • max

    Keyboard cowards. Get a life and stop limiting everything Chris Brown does to being about Rihanna. Get your head out of her boody and stop sniffing around Diddy’s d*@!

    Just crabs in a barrel @ Like,.. Ya boy Glok!

  • Matix B

    Only real curse they have is herpes simplex 2

  • Tori

    You people are relentless……Chris has to eat too. Move on!!!

  • My2piece...

    Not half bad…I see radio play on this…Now add Luda for the remix and it’s a sure hit!!!

  • aries79

    I guess he’ll be on dancing with
    the stars next…what a flop

  • GTFOH with the dumb ((the one & only))

    Lawd, stop being so effing boring and get a new effing tune a flop with millions in the bank…how much did you make this year? I’m sure he’ll cry for you too.

  • jen

    damn when yall said they got the curse i was thinking that they admitted to contracting an std. whewww as for the song ….eh im not feelin it. i like chris brown voice and the songs he has done in the past but the most recent singles he has put out have been very mediocre. trey songz is really crushing him in the game i hope he makes a comeback

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