Swirl on the Beach

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Resident cornball deluxe Byron Allen and his pasty-cake wife Jennifer Lucas were photographed on the beach with their newborn baby in a little carrier pouch sac.  SMH.

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  • Diamond

    They look cute !!

  • arasiam

    Nice to see ole Byron doing this thing. He’s got to be like 60 or something, no? Anyway, more power to you both and congrats on your new bundle!

  • http://itscrazee.blogspot.com/ DinaLee

    Who is he?


    Why Byron? This pic just says so much about the state of our black males mindsets.

  • beauty on lock

    congrats to byron and family. i think he and his wife look alike, same features. cute fam. wish them the best with their new addition. peace.

  • sepia830

    That’s Byron? Hell, I thought it was John Singleton.

  • I'm Just Me- 25 OFFICIALLY!! BTW: I keep the purp by the pound!!

    Who is this???

  • Nita

    how is a man caring for his baby something to shake your head at? that ain’t right. that’s a GOOD thing, even if his wife is (gasp) a snowflake.

    byron’s always been byron.

  • http://www.healzoohealth.com HealZoo . com

    who had the baby? him or her?

    Naturally Lose 3 lbs per week.. Guaranteed…

  • keisha

    Byron ewwwwww always after them pale ones. Doubt if he has ever been with a sista

  • will someone in NY send me some butter crunch cookies? please & thank u

    congrats on the baby, it’s refreshing to see a family together.

  • Donna

    Congrats to the happy couple. America is becoming more like Brazil everyday with all the swirl couples.

  • smallbite

    Dr. Tooth I agree with you. This pic makes me want to pull his man card…. did you all give him one? He is a cornball and very much irrelevant in the overall scheme of things.

  • Candid Canuck

    not a good look for ya.. you know yur wipped when wifey tells you to rock the tacky green baby sleeve to emulate the womb…. Be a Man!

    shudda rocked the Bjorn brah…

  • Bennieman

    The majority of the people of Brasil are AfroBrazilian and they are the products of swirl couples. More power to people to marry whom they chose I like to see it. But Allen please put a shirt on that over hanging belly.

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