Juvenile Chris Browns A B*tch At Club Amnesia In NYC… *Bossip Exclusive*: True or False???

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"Juvenile Slaps a Chick in the Face"

Juvenile is being accused of slapping the hell out of a chick at Club Amnesia last night in New York City. One of our Bossip spies was on the scene and saw the whole thing go down.

Pop the Top for This Bossip Exclusive…

Bossip Spy:

So last night Juvenile came over to Amnesia NYC w/ his entourage, he was kicked out because he slapped a girl by the back bar. She was at the bar and one of his boys was waving his arms around. She asked him to to please be careful with his arms because he almost hit her in the head. The dude got offended and they started arguing. Juvi comes up and says “B*tch you better shut the f**k up before I smack you.” So, she told him to make it happen and he back handed her so hard her contact fell out.

As crazy as this story sounds, we didn’t know what to believe. So we hit up Juvenile’s camp to get a statement on exactly what happen and according to them an altercation occurred between a young lady and someone from Juvenile’s entourage. Juvenile was not around at the time the situation occurred.

Since Juvenile is trying to make a comeback, this is definitely not the look that he needs. Chris Browning a chick is not the career move… Just ask Chris Brown!!!


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