Diddy: McCain is Bugging the F*ck Out

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Here is Puffy’s aka “Ciroc Obama” opinion on John McCain choosing some random ass ex-beauty queen “hockey mom” from Alaska with a knocked up teenage daughter for his VP. He makes some valid points.

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  • jena4rmthablock


  • jena4rmthablock

    who cares what Diddy, lame azz has to say about a presidential election?

  • Lou in the Chi

    Now I want to see 50 million comments stating how wrong Diddy is for voicing his opinions.

  • baituru

    Diddy needs to keep his day job – the boy cannot articulate a simple thought. Damn …

  • cgd2b

    We all thought McCain was crazy for that pick. Diddy could have been a little more intellectual. Why was he spending around in a circle? Is that how he comes up with thought provoking sh**

  • Dame

    Diddy sit down he has too much time on his hands

  • niko

    f**k intellect sometimes you just have to say when people are just simply “buggin the f**k out.

  • Livesteez said:

    Well you should at least know that there ARE black people in Alaska ….SMDH

  • SimplyLee

    This is ignorant and embarrassing :-(

    Maybe (MAYBE) a valid point in there but he cannot express himself in any meaningful and intelligent way.

  • John


  • D.P

    Absolutely Pointless

  • Stay in your lane

    He needs to give me his money because obviously he has too much free time on his hands.

    What an embarrassment!?!

  • fm

    Even though at times he isn’t that coherent,he makes some valid points. The main thing on EVERYONE’S mind IS the fact that if something is to happen to John McCain, is Sarah Palin REALLY ready to lead the country? I vote no.

  • Tiesha

    I think Mccain is insane. His running mates daughter is 5 months pregnant at 17. This is a terrible decision. Even though Diddy was inarticulate his point was made.

  • Bet

    This old geezer, with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, is choosing to leave us with Susie Homemaker in charge when de does kick the bucket. And these stupid Republicans are going along with it.

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