Tiger Woods Brand New $40 Million Dollar House Is Almost Finished (Photos)

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Elin Tiger Woods Divorce

Tiger Woods’ divorce is still underway and pretty messy, however, new photos have emerged of his new crib that BOSSIP reported on last week.

Pop the hatch to have a sneak peek of Cheetah’s new lair to be completed this fall…

Tiger Woods' ultra modern new house nears completion on Jupiter Island, Florida. Work on the stunning pool has just finished and the house looks on schedule to be ready in the autumn.

Nice. Peep more below:


  • iluvamerie

    AMERIE is the baddest in the game!!!

    AMERIE is Official.

    Check out her latest single “More than Love” Ft. Fabolous on Youtube and make sure to request it at your local radio stations.

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  • dOLOmItE

    If Elin really wants to get back at Tiger she needs to start fuggin a hood nikka. Have him mean mug Tiger whenever he comes by to see his kids lol. Buy him a Escalade with Tigers cash. OJ part 2 lol.

    • Tennisace

      Dude you have got some serious anger management issues..Do you think Tiger cares about any dude mugging up to him as you say or Elin screwing another dude…you have smoked your final joint…meds dude, meds, seriously..stupid is as stupid does…an education is a terrible thing to waste…you should have known that 5th grade education wasn’t going to pay off

  • High Society

    Leave Tiger alone damn you trying to make money off of someone elses mistakes SMH

  • Idalis

    Wow all in Tiger’s space can a baller breathe. I don’t like Tiger but man I respect his game

  • zoriansmom

    Beautiful home very inspiring

  • dee

    i’ll move in with tiger. elin didn’t know what to do with all that dang-a-lang anyway!

    • Tennisace

      You go girl, you ROCK that COCK



    A real beauty with real talent.

  • jeff jones

    i want to be a fly on that wall..

  • http://www.bossip.com phillyindubai


  • Just Sayin

    AMERIE been gone so long I thought she quit the business.

  • http://deleted white male

    Cheetah gonna smash a lot of gazelle in that crib

  • Playlist

    Nice crib.

  • phatcakes

    CRAZY…..I would like to be a nice fat roach…Chilling living the high life there….UHHHHHHHHH IT MUST BE NICE!

  • Pebblebeach

    Tiger is the Man…he needs to leave them Beckys alone and seek out a good Sista…

    • Armani

      Girl, you are so Right! Do you think that he has ever been with a sister? Do you think he would even give us a chance? I don’t think so. I think if he did.. he would not have to keep picking the same snow flakes every time.!!!! Oh and other thing, let’s just say his arrow wouldn’t be lonely either.!!!

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