Kush Chronicles: More than 400 Cali Weed Centers Ordered to Close

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Medical Marijuana under attack

Los Angeles weed connects should expect a bump in business very soon. Despite being considered a maryjane friendly state hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries are facing closure. Details under the hood

According to Gawker, city officials ordered nearly 440 medical marijuana centers shut down Monday. Shops that didn’t close Monday may face law enforcement penalties.

The order is a result of a January vote to reduce the number of medical marijuana centers. For now 135 centers can legally remain open for your, um, “glaucoma” treatments (wink,wink). Eventually though, the city plans to close all but 70 centers and move them to industrial areas away from schools, parks, libraries, and churches.

Currently in California weed can be cultivated and distributed to patients with a doctor’s prescription. In November Californians will vote on a initiative that will legalize the possession and sale of marijuana. If passed, the law will also make it legal to grow marijuana at home for “personal use.”

Naturally the next question is, when are you moving to Cali? (Just saying).

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