Lil Kim Gets A New Gig With Three Olive Vodka: “I’m Not Just Another Female Rapper… I’m A Brand!!!”

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"Lil Kim and Three Olive Vodka"

Lil Kim has teamed up with Three Olive Vodka to debut their new purple vodka. With Kim signing to Jay-z’s Roc Nation and all this Nicki Minaj beef, it’s safe to say she is pulling out all the guns with the safety off. In a recent interview, Lil Kim refers to herself as a brand…

YRB: Lil’ Kim has become a brand, and you’ve pretty much transcended Hip-Hop. Was that something you predicted back when you first picked up a mic?

Lil’ Kim: Well, I always knew that I was different. I always knew that I wasn’t going to come into the industry and just be labeled as a “female rapper.” I never even saw myself as just a female rapper, because I know that one thing I do very well is entertain. My mama always told me that, ever since I was a little girl. I would put on her shoes and put on her lipstick and stand in front of the mirror with my brush singing. I always knew that when I came into the industry I would elevate. I didn’t know a lot of the things that came to me would come. I thank God for it; I feel blessed. I can only be myself and do what I do the best. So yeah if that means something as wonderful and gracious as Three Olives Vodka comes my way, I’m gonna jump on it because that’s the direction I want to go in. I want to be universal, and that’s the one thing I feel also about Three Olives vodka is that everyone can enjoy it. Except for those who can’t drink… under 18 [Laughs].



  • http://deleted white male

    never seen that girl in the pic before

  • sefe

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  • wildcherry666

    Show em how its done Kim. Nikki and them other wannabe female rappers can’t even come close. You go girl!

  • zoriansmom

    Lil Kim would be a eskimo if it paid money remember she did “Dancing with the Stars” that’s not gangsta!


    played out b.i.t.c.h.!!!

  • Pamela Martha Focker

    She’s been trying her hardest lately to look like Kim K with the hair and those type dresses.Key word TRYING.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    looking good again. please stay that way and leave the knives and anesthesia alone!!!

  • b*tch go away

    B*TCH GO AWAY!!!

  • cruzan trini

    Sisters, please stop wearing those ridiculous lace front wigs. No one’s hairline looks like that naturally. You look like bafoons!

  • copper-coins

    She only black and gangsta when shes not in the recent news. In rap years shes a Dino, She cant brand anything anymore. She wants to be the black Kim K. SO YESTERDAY


    LOL @ cruzan trini

  • Hot Chocolate

    @ Cruzan Trini
    She is fake all over. A natural hairline would just be too weird.LOL

  • Martinigal

    Finally she’s putting that face of hers to work.

  • Truth

    Sorry but this woman looks like one of those puppets from waylon and madame. As Tupac once said

    “Fake hair, Fake Eyes, Fake Nails, then you get a Fake man”.

    This lady don’t even look real, more like a museum statue.

  • Sistawithavoice

    @ those of you who are hatin’ on Lil Kim, you must be young b/c Kim has been holdin’ it down for years. Yeah she was a known h-o-e, got some bad plastic surgery, and got locked up, but she is still one of the coldest Mc’s of our time. I don’t knock her hustle and I respect the fact that she’s wanting to make a comeback. I’m right here w/ you Queen Bee…and no I’m not a stan, I’m a true fan!

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