The Dream Still Talkin’ That Ish… Says Matrimony-dom With Christina Milian Is “Definitely Tough”

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"The Dream lands the Cover Of The Fader Magazine looking like he is asleep"

The-Dream covers the upcoming issue of The Fader magazine. He might look peaceful in the shot, but during a recent radio interview The Dream gave the real about marriage with Christina Milian, as well as how he forces her to get along with ex-wife Nivea. Pop the hood for his words

The Dream recently visited Detroit radion station WJLB’s “Coco Foolish and Mr. Chase In The Morning” where he gave up the following goods:

Dream told us EXCUSIVELY how his ex-wife Nivea and his new wife Christina Milian are basically forced to get along because he won’t have it any other way. He called Nivea his “Great friend,” and said “Everyone around me get along. They might not want to, but we have to. We have too much business to take care of.”

When Mr. Chase asked how his first year of marriage is going Dream said, “It’s definitely pretty tough. Because you have family members on each side that have to get into it… You can’t handle the groupies. You can’t handle the blogs. You just gotta do what you gotta do and hopefully the people who are close to you know who you are.

Considering ish like this, it’s not a surprise to hear the couple are having a tough time, but big props for him for keeping it real and admitting it publicly.

The Dream also told a funny story about picking up his daughter from school and he busted a catchy lil freestyle. Click HERE to watch the video.


  • LuvN_Life

    He’s such a loser. “everybody Has to get along” wow.who does this dough boy think he is!

  • OneTightSista


  • Sepia830

    What an a$$! Could he be any more full of himself? He really needs to check himself because I can’t name one song of his and didn’t even know who he was (or cared) until I started seeing pictures of him with Christina.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    “dough boy” lol. i don’t know what about him can be considered a “dream” but a nightmare might suit him better…

  • Somali Ninga


  • Ummmmm.......

    I’m sure Lil Wayne knocking up your ex and another broad simultaneously didn’t help matters either..

  • LaDiva

    Uhhh you’ve been married for less than a year and it’s tough already…lol

  • lee marvin

    this overhyped trick is about to get taken to the cleaners by his supposed wife. shes counting down the days before she serves him with papers…..he can look for a fat child support order very soon.

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    I find it so sad that men will do anything for attention….he divorced Nivea so he could capitalize on his then success…now he wants to talk about marriage being tough and he has known this woman for how long??? Please negro…take this crap somewhere else….

  • OhMyMulatto

    Wow, He is waaaaay too full of himself, and while he calling the ex His Great friend maybe his wife wouldnt have issues with the ex if he doted on wifey the same way. Men kill me with the baby mamas need to get along bs. They will never understand the innerworkings of the female mind. Exes always wanna use their past with ur man to try to make u feel as though they pull rank, and the only one who can smash that thinking is the man. So Dream if u read this u need 2 put in some extra time making sure ur wifey knows that she is THBIC, and check ur ex so that she is fully aware of wifeys, #1 status or u may end up looking 4 wife number 3. Real talk Nivea should be trying to get along with Cristina not the other way around!

  • GottaSayIt

    He is a damn joke and so is Christina Milian. I cannot remember not one of his songs and don’t even get me started on how irrelevant she is.

  • What_am_iDoing

    The Dream is the worst celebrity ever. IF i should even call him that. He annoying, not cute, sounds like a 9 year old girl, can’t sing..and overrates himself.
    Muppet baby face.

  • http://urnotpdiddyloser real"broke"isadumbneegerwithmultiple"babymamas"onwelfare

    im sure christina doesn’t give a sheet. her check is in the mail either way the wind blows.

  • ErycaK

    Seems like maybe him & Nivea shouldn’t have divorced… How do you go from one marriage and jump into another one and call it tough? smh

    I don’t think he’s quite ready for marriage yet. It is constant work.

  • http://urnotpdiddyloser real"broke"isadumbneegerwithmultiple"babymamas"onwelfare

    black women stop hating because he’s with a non black woman, please. live and let live.

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