Who Dared To Put Her Snazzy Suspect Vag On Blast At Her Sister’s Graduation?

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"Lady Gaga Put Her Body On Blast At Her Sister's High School Graduation"

This controversial celeb couldn’t resist putting her suspect lady parts on display — in this sparkly sheer getup — for her sister’s HIGH SCHOOL graduation. SMH. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Pop the hood for more shots

Who else but Lady Gaga would show up to her 18-year-old sister Natali’s high school graduation from the Sacred Heart School in Manhattan — the same esteemed Catholic institution of learning. Wonder how they feel about her “Alejandro” video???

Lady Gaga attending her sisters Graduation at Sacred Heart Catholic School in New York city


"Natali Germanotta, Lady Gaga's sister in her Telephone video"

Natali’s already got a taste of the limelight too — she’s pictured above playing an extra in Gaga’s “Telephone” video.

Famous or not, is it EVER okay to wear this to a high school graduation?


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