50 Cent Skinny Diet Not Safe, Doctors Say Too Much Too Soon Is Recipe For Disaster

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50 Cent's dramatic weight loss for a movie role

50 Cent is sparking controversy after releasing those crackish pictures that showed his results after jumping on the fad diet bandwagon. Pop the hood to learn more about his and other crazy ass celebrity diets.

So it turns out 50 “I’m the Crypt keeper” Cent wasn’t on the Whitney Houston crack diet. Fiddy dishes he went from 214 pounds to 160 in two months using an all liquid diet and running on a treadmill for three hours a day. The rapper/actor/shooting practice target is slowly regaining the weight back and is almost 200 pounds now.

50 Cent’s ridiculous weight loss plan is just one example of the way celebrities use extreme diets. Beyonce makes no secret of her love for Popeye’s chicken, but when she needs to be a little less bootylicious she uses the Master Cleanse diet. To prepare for Dreamgirls Bey drank nothing but maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water for two weeks, while Victoria Beckham, when she’s not being molested by Eddie Murphy’s baby mama, reportedly eats only strawberries and soybeans to keep her anorexic, little girlish figure in check.


Doctors warn against copying these methods, saying that not only do such diets wreak havoc on the body’s metabolism, they can also cause hormonal imbalances and negatively impact mental health:

“The danger in hearing about what celebrities do is that it’s not sustainable, it’s sending the wrong message,” said Zach Weston, an Exercise Physiologist and professor of Kinesiology at Wilfrid Laurier University. “Just because you can doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Sometimes we can get the superficial results, but we pay a price and unfortunately, the Hollywood approach is often not the practical one.”

What do you think, Random Ridiculousness or an express trip to Bangin’ Cakes?



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