Colts Wide Receiver Reggie Wayne Sues Mistress For Spending $93K After Wife Caught Him Cheating!!!

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"Reggie Wayne Natasha McKenzie"

Reggie Wayne is feeling the pain right about now. After Reggie Wayne’s wife found out that he was cheating, Reggie turns around and sues his mistress Natasha McKenzie for $93,000 after he gave her the credit card number through a text message…

What the Hell?!?!

According to our Bossip Spy… Reggie Wayne and Natasha had been messing with each other for a while and she didn’t just have the credit card number, she actually had the physical card. She would get cash advances. Also, Reggie was actually present with her when she made some of the purchases. Reggie did warn Natasha that his wife found out about their little secret and shortly after that, he cut off all communication with Natasha.

The sad part about this whole situation is that Reggie Wayne has been trying to get more money from the Colts, but they are not renegotiating the terms of his contract:

The Colts President, Bill Polian, throws down the gauntlet regarding the contracts for star players Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis:”What I told both representatives was that given the current status of both our budget and the labor negotiations, it is not possible to do anything at this point,” Polian said on The Sirius Blitz. “I recognize that they are both very good players, that they are great guys, that we respect them highly, that we value their contributions, and when it’s time to do that, when it’s propitious to do that, when it is possible to do it, we will.”

Dayyumm… When it rains, it pours and it’s safe to say that things are not looking good for Reggie right now!!!

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