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"Shakur Black Men's Magazine Cover"

Yesterday we showed you some shots of Shakur, Suelyn, Avonte and Rosa Acosta celebrating their appearance in the new issue of Black Men’s Magazine. Today you can check shots from Shakur’s spread under the hood

"Shakur Black Men's Magazine"

How you like them cakes???


  • hmmm

    Wat evs

  • Same old shit

    Blah..same old sht.

  • Mz Berry

    I GUESS…

  • tb

    Her leg to a$$ ratio doesn’t even make any sense. These white/spanish broads look like idiots trying to come at black chicks when they can never be compared to black women.

  • they killed mike



  • MisSloVely.

    Whats wrong couldnt find any BLACK women to grace the cover of a BLACK MENS maqazine . . Just wondering if spanish men had a magazine do you think they would put a Black Woman on the cover .. . NOT A CHANCE>!

  • thegreatness

    black men magazine without any black women on it. GO FIGURE

  • Confused

    does “black” men’s magazine actually have any black women in it? The cover tells a story, about our brothers, that reads LOUD & CLEAR. *smh*

  • STankonia

    Well well well if it aint white it aint right-SO THE OTHER DAY when KENYA MOORE was on the cover of a magazine you guys seem to to have a mouthful of negative comments so let me guess…You Got nothing right?

  • Dominican Barbie

    All you people are so ignorant!! this magazine is giving men what they want & obviously it AINT A BLACK GIRL!!!!! stop hating on Spanish chicks just because we don’t gotta wear weaves, we got the body, the faces and all men including black men LOVE US!!

  • Somali Ninga

    WTF is wrong with Shakur’s nose?
    Why is everybody hating the fact that black women are not feature in these trashy magazines? Guess what magazine the dark-skin black are featured in? Vogue, Elle, New York Magazine, etc. REAL MODELS!

  • Kristina

    Co-sign@ Somali Ninga. Let these trashy skanks take over this trashy magazine. Let’s celebrate REAL black models.

  • Yeah I Said it..

    Good for you sweetie, and JLO wears weaves BTW also, Rocsi,Eva,Shakira , Penelope-should I go on?GTFOH

  • Somali Ninga

    ^^ To Kristina

  • MisSloVely.

    i say every one boycott this magazine till they get REAL BLACK WOMEN ON THE COVER ! lol. Stop Putting all these Spanish Chicks on the COver when we know SPanish Magazine Wont Put Black Women on the COver . its not about being racist its about being real Black people need to start glamourizing other races and Start Showing Black Beauties of Our OWN
    . @ DOminican Barabie i bet your one of those trashy spanish chick who walk around thinking every black man wants you GO SIT DOWN SOME WHERE ! with your stupid self where are you from where Spanish girls dont wear weave ? lmao Im probably sure that that the main chick is wearing weave herself

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