Drake Goes To The Hood For P Reign Video Shoot *Exclusive Pics*

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Drake Louie Rankin P Reign In My Hood

Drake hit Toronto’s hood for his homeboy (and rumored artist) P Reign’s videoshoot. Pop the hood for more shots

BOSSIP got the exclusive on P.Reign’s shoot for his third single “In My Hood,” shot in P Reign’s old neighbourhood of Galloway. Louie Rankin, who played the role of Ox in BELLY also made an appearance in the video. Drake took time out of touring to come show his support.

“Drake and I have been good friends for a while now and he’s a big supporter of my music,” P Reign told BOSSIP. “He’s like a brother to me. I know he’s real busy with his touring and promo, so I’m glad he was able to come out and show love.”

P Reign is rumored to be signing as Drake’s artist, but we weren’t able to get him or Drake to confirm. The two are extremely close however, on the song “I’m Still Fly” Drake spits the following lyrics:

“My brother P Reign knows/ we fu*k with the same hoes/Plus he taught me how to spot a officer in plain clothes…”


P Reign is set to tour Canada with Drake next month. “In My Hood” and another single titled “Call My Name” are both featured on his upcoming DJ Holiday hosted mixtape, When It Reigns It Pours. “In My Hood” was produced by T Minus (Ludacris – How Low). Listen to the song below:

They say P Reign is like Drake with street cred… What do you think??? Hate It Or Love It?!?!


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    i thought he was scared in t.dot

  • Mac


  • http://impulsemagazine.net Men's Online Magazine

    I wonder how scared Drake was to be in the hood

  • Mere

    Drake = shook one

  • ThatBKChick

    Dayyumm…..the last time Drake was in Canada they robbed his wack a**….SMDH!!! Oh well I guess he has to keep his Canadian hood persona up?

  • Ms. Sippi

    He really seems out of his element. What is his point.. Drake.. Studio ganstin..

  • kookee jenkins

    #hositdown @drake. She needs to quit… aint no hood in canada… all they got is snow and mooseseses. Aint no one scared of that girl… i know she missin her man weezy who locked up… i wonder who on top… girl boom!

  • Fact Checking

    Galloway is not ‘the hood’.

    ROTF LMAO!!!

    I grew up, went to school and still have tons of family and friends that still live in that area.

    If any American goes to that area, they’ll laugh their azz off!

    Hood my azz.

  • Matix B ( Black Women are the SHYT)

    I agree with SW: Galloway is tame to say the least. The only “Ghetto” we have in Canada are the Native reserves up north. These people don’t even have running water. While the peeps in the T-dot “ghetto” can rick every brand name item…SFMH

  • super goon one


    Some parts are as dangerous as hell

    Winnipeg is one of the most violent cities in North America

  • super goon one

    Winnipeg is one of the most violent cities in North America


  • http://www.k.com n

    Look at my boo :)

  • bluekid

    Galloway Rd. is in one of the best parts of Scarborough, it’s like really green and pretty over there. It’s like a 2 minute drive to lake Ontario.

    There is not any thing on Galloway Rd. in that direction that you would call being in the hood. People that live over there are working c.l.a.s.s people homes are expenseve and you are not to far from a small beach, well not really a beach but there is enough sand on the banks I would go there and it feels like a beach to me.

    Now if Drake would have said Finch and Jane, than I would said Okay, because it’s kind of like a hood in a very small way.

  • Matix B ( Black Women are the SHYT)

    Super goon: Please…..I am from Hamilton originally: James Street North and Robert (stand the Faq up) this area is not ghetto, just full of crack heads. Drugs are everywhere. I will walk in any “pseudo hood” cuz I got it like that, If you have street smarts you can live anywhere.

    I live in the Dot now and have never been afriad to go anywhere at any time, never!

  • Matix B ( Black Women are the SHYT)

    SMH at the pic of the kids with gang signs up! SMFH

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