Top 8 Highest Paid Black Soccer Stars At The World Cup

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yaya toure

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa is a momentous event – as the first ever World Cup held on African soil, it has the potential to reshape global perceptions of an entire continent and rekindle hope in millions of people. The Atlanta Post has compiled a list of eight of the highest paid and most prominent football players of African heritage, whose drive and dedication to the sport have made the 2010 World Cup in South Africa possible. Continue…


  • Mz. Factz

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  • Soccer is LAME

    Glad to hear brothers are making some Gwap but soccer is LAME. VERY OVER RATED AND pretty girly in my opinion.

  • http://deleted tessa

    @Real Black it must make you proud to see they are all real black darkskin men.

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  • Mz. Factz

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  • White Devil

    @ Real Black is Chocolate

    Kevin Prince Boateng looks kind of light skinned. He might be mixed. Should they kick him off the team?

  • drenk

    @ Soccer is LAME

    but its not girly for the QB to be touchin the linemans n.u.t.s. before the snap?

  • 1991 UK

    Boatang is mixed race.. his mum is German… his brother plays for the German team

    am happy my Africans won :D
    football is the mother of all sports

  • for the real movement

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  • truetalk

    Becky , nobody wants your flat pancake backside! These African warriors ar used to true African Queens not genetically defeective pale faces twaats! Go Ghanaaaa!!!!!!!!

  • MsCartagena

    It’s not Soccer, It’s FUTBOL..the MOST POPULAR IMPORTANT SPORT in the world..US can’t accept it because it’s to difficult for them to understand and since they didn’t create it they don’t like it…It’s a very hard sport but it’s the most emotional sport because the players are representing their countries and since US sux that’s why they hate JOGA BONITO (easy as that) and you only get every four years to touch this Gold Cup..Only the winning teams can touch the Cup..other then that it’s handled through a Louie V case..From 208 countries in the FIFA only 7 countries have touched the cup, with MY SANTO BRASIL touching it 5 times!!!..Good Luck to all the Countries participating, I really want the cup back in Brasil but it will be nice if it stays in South Africa!!..BRASIL 2014!!!!

    P.S. Another good thing about the FIFA World Cup is it’s incredibly HOTT SEXI MEN..Fit, Exotic and with an Accent, I DIE…and International women are HOTT also XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!

  • WRONG!

    Atlanta Post is wrong. They have these athletes as being paid in US dollars as they show the dollar sign. These players are paid in Euros and Euros is more than US dollars (on average 1.5 to our 1 dollar). Those soccer players are not going to be playing in the single digits of millions. I know Thierry Henry makes way more than that. If you want to see the top paid US soccer athletes period….then go here.

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