Seen On The Scene: 64th Annual Tony Awards (Photos)

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Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kerry washington, Will Smith, and Jada-Pinkett-Smith Tony Awards

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Will Smith, and Jada Pinkett-Smith were among the many celebrities in attendance at the Tony Awards last night in NYC to highlight folks doing their thing on Broadway.

Peep over 40+ pics inside!!!



  • Mac



    jayz need a new smile

  • Lose15pounds

    Jada’s Body is looking right

    Yours can too when you

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    Heal Zoo * Com

  • No One Knows I Read Bossip!

    This is the one time I was happy to see Jay and Bey! It was a wonderful sight to see not one, but TWO power couple out to support their play! We need more representation on Broadway! Congrats to them all and to Denzel and Viola!!Rotflmao when Lea Michele sang to both Will and Jay-Z! FYI she’s the girl from Glee and Jay looked like he wanted to sign her to ROC NATION!!!!

  • rain


  • Brash

    Interesting body language…in main pic JZ and WS are leaning away from their wives and in towards KW. In the pic w/o KW, JZ is standing straight up while WS is leaning all in. Adds fuel to the fire that WS enjoys sword fighting.

  • zoriansmom

    Love the pics but one stands out the one with the guy in the cream color suit I think he’s the actor from Fela that suit looks like its 4 sizes to small!

  • kay

    every1 looks pretty good, jada looks hot

  • Sylvia

    Too many shiny faces which means too many plastic people lolol.

  • Fan of the BE-BE Store

    Only lord knows I am sick of Beyonce.. She is so boring.

  • NN

    I agree WS def looks gay. Bey’s smile does look fake.

  • ..

    jada looks gross

  • Aaisha Hajjah

    What in the da hell did Bey ever do to any of you to deserve all this animosity? I mean I guess if she was not so damn tallented are maybe if she was down right hideous, just tell me what is it, over exposure, couldn’t be cuz who’s not. She on her paper chase if you don’t like it don’t buy but stop hating on your own people ya’ll make it easy for everyone else to hate, DAMN! Some of ya’ll need to check ya damn’self!

  • sholla21

    Jada is WEARIN that dress.

    There’s something different about Mrs Carter. I guess I’m not used to seeing her at an event where she’s not: performing/nominated/promoting something, working.

    Beyonce on break is something of a rarity…

  • Dani

    The Carters look like Royalty.

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