Vince Young Proves You Can Take The Boy Out The Hood But… He’ll Still Act A Damn Fool In The ‘Shake Junt’

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Vince Young

Vince Young, quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, has been brawlin’ instead of ballin’… and in the “skrip” club of all places!!! Check out the video below:

Young received a misdemeanor assault citation after getting into a fight at a Dallas strip club and leaving before authorities arrived early Sunday, police said. The altercation began as a push and shove between the Vince and the plaintiff until Vince’s thug side came out. He was ready to kick some A$$!

Young was also charged a $500 fine — which he shouldn’t have any problems paying off. SMH!

We wouldn’t be surprised if the next folks Vince hears are the NFL. You know how they like to charge fines and suspend players for bad behavior. Get it together Vince!

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