Happy Birthday…Pac!!! Keep Ya’ Head Up!

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Tupac Shakur Hip-Hop Birthday Murdered

Today would have marked the 39th birthday for one of the most controversial but influential men in hip-hop and society as a whole.

Tupac Shakur was born June 16th, 1971 and was brutally shot on the Vegas strip on September 7th, 1996, after leaving a heavyweight fight between Mike Tyson and Bruce Sheldon. He died from complications of his bullet wounds on September 13th, 1996.

Tupac Shakur even in his death has maintained a tight grip on the music industry as he did when he was alive. He has inspired many rappers of today who tried hard to emulate the bravado, thug-life and charm that he held. Many tried but they’ve all failed. Throughout all of Pac’s so-called faults, he was a visionary that knew the world was ‘effed’ up completely. He delivered the news to you straight with no chaser whether you liked it or not. His stance on social issues, as well has having the street cred to rep’ for the lowest of the low made Tupac loved by many.

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Many wonder how the game would be if Pac were still alive? Would half of these wack-a$$ rapper’s be here (you know who you are)? Would Pac have made the transition into being a full-time activist or politician? All one can do is wonder what 2010, would have brought for an almost 40 year-old Tupac. One thing for sure is he left countless amounts of music for the world to enjoy. He has sold over 75 million records worldwide. Even in death Tupac continues to reach people.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tupac’s murder still remains unsolved to this date.



    One of the greatest ever lived………….


    O yeah and “first” in this b.i.t.c.h

  • leah bae

    i loooooove pac.. happy birthday!!!.. pac was the realist rappers. some of these fake rappers need to take note.

  • Kenyetta

    Happy Birthday! R.I.P

  • I wish i would

    RIP Tupac the greatest to do it

  • lilkunta

    It is 4:39a east coast. Im awake & Im listening to 2pac now. I hope he is RIP. I too wonder if he hadnt died,
    would master p & no limit have made it?
    Would carter & rocafella have made it? eminem? 50 cent?
    all the outhern rappers( luda, TI,)

    sigh. I didnt know him but I miss him.

  • 2Sweet

    I remember it like it was last month. I was in the 7th grade smh.
    Some therapists had to come to the school to talk to us about street and gun violence.

  • Mike

    Rip 2pac I know u in heaven shaking your head at the these wack a.ss rappers like lil gayne ti the snitch wheelchair jimmy kanye cant rap west soulja s.hit wacka flock flame and the south

  • Mike

    Rip 2pac I know u in heaven shaking your head at these wack a.ss rappers like lil gayne ti the snitch wheelchair jimmy kanye cant rap west soulja s.hit wacka flock flame and the south

  • Kask


  • dwinone

    always number one in my heart. to the one above who is hatin one pac, don’t be mad cuz you will never be as successful.

  • smh

    my favorite rapper..



  • tiffany

    california love…i love you pac….I remember I was at golden palace in the parking lot waiting on my mama to get some takeout…and 106.1 said he died…we thought he was going to be cool but I guess deep down we knew he was gonna leave us….I remember the next day of school was the worse…nobody could even work, the first time adults were really allowing the youngsta’s to have there moment…cuz’ we looked up to him and yeah he wasn’t perfect and we weren’t either but we identified with the flaws and we understood the struggle…the struggle of being in between…that place where youth and innocence collide, where its lost but gained, and experienced is learned and earned…we loved you 2PAC…hope your soul rest….

  • Bernard

    Happy birthday brotha, We miss you out in NYC.

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