Jesus Take The Wheel: 13-Year-Old Stabbed In The Neck By 14-Year-Old Baby Daddy!!!

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Police Tape

This is just crazy!!!

A 13-year-old mother was hospitalized early Wednesday after police say she was stabbed in the neck by her 14-year-old boyfriend who is also the father of her daughter. Police are still seeking the teen boy.

Police were called to the home on B Avenue near East 5th Street about 12:35 a.m. where the boy lives with his parents, National City Sgt. Greg Seward said.

The girl was stabbed in the neck with a kitchen knife. Apparently the couple had been arguing over some jealousy issues, Seward said.

The girl was taken to Rady Children’s Hospital. Police are still looking for the boy who was last seen running from the house with no shirt on, Seward said.

The girl is expected to recover. Her one-and-a-half year old daughter is with relatives.

The boy and girl, who lives with her parents, have been together for three years, the sergeant said. He will likely face criminal charges but will be treated as a juvenile due to his age, Seward added.

SMH… Babies having babies!!! And then having domestic situations??? This is not good at all. Both these kids need serious counseling.



  • LuvN_Life

    WoooooW,Really? This is Straight nuts,and how come
    never mind

  • no way

    what now that is just too crazy they were together for 3 years gtfoh

  • LuvN_Life

    @no way . . .
    um thats what i was thinking,what the little girl is !3 and the baby is 18months???
    SOOO . . . she got pregnant or was screwing when she was 10?? im confussed what i just dont know what the hell im trying to say,13?? 18month old baby? huuuunh??

  • YES, they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell!!

    This is truly a HOT, ghetto mess here….

  • Kristina

    How is that a 13 and 14 year old have been in a 3 year relationship? And have a daughter together? SMFH@ the parents/guardians of these two kids.


    between this and the story about the kid being beat up its such a great uplifting day for news

  • Kristina

    That would be something if these kids parents were that young too when they had them. Meaning we might have 25 year old grandparents running around here.

  • nwilson

    This is why we have so much violence going on, kids having kids and do not know how to take care of them once they are born. Where are the parents in all of this? Why is this young man allowed to live with this YOUNG girl? If you ask me, not only do this boy need to be caught and locked up, the parents should be also!

  • Maya_Marie

    I’m wiling to bet my mortgage she will be pregnant again in a year.

  • vicious

    WTF??? And HE live wit her in her parents house???? No wonder the lil tramp 13 wit a baby already! can barely write her name in cursive or say her alphabet without Singin it but they fukin?

  • Goosey

    National City? I think that’s in CA near San Diego. Maybe these folks are Hmong. They marry and have children real real real young.

  • Mari_marie

    So let me get this straight. These babies have been in a relationship since they were 10 years old. Had a baby and the young man lives with her and her parents. Does anyone see the problem with this??? They have these kids shacked up like they are grown, I bet they are sleeping in the same bed.

    See, and we wonder why these kids are so fast.

  • Lovelyone

    The parents that they are living with should be going to jail too. I don’t know what the crime is, but if they look hard I am sure they can find something.

  • Erica


  • Ms.Brilly

    Wait, does the boy live with his parents (as the 2nd paragraph suggests) or does he live with her parents (as the last paragraph suggests)?

    Either way, this is one heck of a mess. How are you 13 years old with an 18 month old baby? So she got pregnant between somewhere between 10 and 11?????

    And the baby is “with relatives”? Is that because the 13 year old’s parents are being locked up for letting some craziness like this occur? One can only hope.

    And then this fool stabs her in the NECK?? Over some “jealousy issues”????

    I have to leave… I can’t even comprehend this foolishness.

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