Tameka Raymond Got Kicked To The Curb But She Would Be Open To Taking Usher Back?!?!

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"Tameka Foster Raymond"

Tameka Foster went through a very ugly divorce with Usher… So ugly it made her appear jealous, bitter and CRAZY!!! In a recent interview with VIBE, Tameka was asked if she would ever consider taking Usher back…

Pop the Top for Tameka’s Words

On whether or not she’d take Usher back:

No, I don’t know. I’m not anticipating it. I’m not working toward it. But it’s [also] not a closed chapter. I’m not saying that I’m not open for discussion on it, but it’s not something I’m working on. I’ve closed the chapter of having Usher as my mate. Now am I willing to reopen it? I can’t say. Do I still love him? I love him very much and you marry someone with the intent of sitting in a rocker with the person. I have sons that look just like him, so I have to deal with him pretty much every day.

Thoughts on Lil’ Freak:

When I heard that song, I was appalled. But I felt like ‘Am I being prudish?’ I feel not cool because [threesomes] are what everyone’s doing now or whatever. I wasn’t a big fan, but the track is ridiculous… The devil makes bad things sound good [laughs]. I had many, many conversations with him about that [song]. I was just like ‘What are you doing, kid? These are our sons, you can’t be talking that.’ He’s like. ‘My album is a dichotomy.’ [Laughs] [But] I love “OMG,” I have a video of [my kids] dancing to it, it’s so cute.

Future Plans:

[I’m an] independent woman, not trying to get any spotlight from [Usher]. Tameka Raymond is satisfied. She is a mom first, I’m an entrepreneur, I have goals. I want to leave behind a legacy of things that are beyond [my sons’] father.


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