Lil Boosie Indicted On 1st Degree Murder Charge, Could Face Death Penalty…F*ck A Thug!!!

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lil boosie indicted for murder

Louisiana bred emcee Lil’ Boosie has officially been indicted on first degree murder from an incident in October that cost one man his life. Continue…


  • capt'n backslap

    And im sure his label will rush his new release…

  • Taj

    My people, my people…you can’t force some people to be successful or want more. It is what it is.

  • Educated Goon

    This is so f*cked up. Boosie is one of the realist n*ggas to do this rap sh*t in about 10 years. True Living Legend. I hope he get threw this one. We cant afford to loose one of the greats.

  • ricowil1

    when keepn it real goes wrong

  • lilbabiphat2004

    well i like boosie badazz as a rapper but would it be safe to say that i think he would be doing us all a favor by not showing his face anymore on TV??

  • whatever

    @ educated goon. u sound like a clown..”one the best” r u listening to???!!! but these rappers think the thug life is the way to go…this is what happens…stupidity does not get rewarded it and sorry but i feel no sympathy…especially after taking someone’s life

  • MissCandyce


  • Kenyetta

    That’s what they do here in B.R.

  • Nola bound

    Lmfao @ educated goon. It’s obvious you don’t know shh…..bout boosie, everyone says he used to get his a,s..s kicked in B.R. When he was coming up, no different than Wayne in the N.O. When he was coming up. Now soulja slimm, that’s another story, every single thing he rapped about, he actually did do. However, he’s dead, and boosie and Wayne in jail………epic fail!

  • She said it.

    Horay! As I throw ticker tape at the court house judge.

  • Theorius Stylez

    Lil Boosie WILL face the death Penalty along with his drug-dealing buddies and they will all be convicted as well. A man is dead. All the DA has to do is prove premeditation and its a wrap.

    It really is easier just to do your homework and get decent grades while in school. Your life will be a lot easier and you will live a longer and safer life. The THUG route is for fools.

  • lily(bk's finest)


  • WhoGoneCheckMeBoo

    That’s coldblooded…

  • bullet bullet

    Fu&k boosie n wayne n the N.O. matter fact…Fu&k U

  • BiGMan

    Thanks you…Take this ignorant fool and his trash music away….poisoning the mind of the youths with his corny music..All we need now is wacka flacka and gucci man to miss up so they can go to jail for long time..Their music and countless other fake ganagsta artistes poisoning the black community… Lil WAYNE,LIL BOOSIE ARE ALL IN JAIL..please stop imitating those LOOOOSSSEEEERRRRS PEOPLE…

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