White Man Kills Black Woman With Hammer!?!?…WTH!!!

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William Bibb Kills Black Woman with Hammer

A 35-year-old white man bludgeoned a 26-year-old black female to death and then drags her body behind his truck! Pop the hood for more!

According the Orange County Sheriff’s office William Baker Bibb a Caucasian from Texas, killed and dragged Theresa Ardoin’s body a quarter of a mile down a road and threw her body in a ditch. Investigators said that Bibb confessed to the killing by beating Ardoin to death with a hammer, and then tying her body with a rope to his truck and dragged her to a sand pit. The accused claimed that the two of them were friendly and were meeting to do drugs and then have sex. They argued and he hit her with the hammer thus killing her. The authorities are not calling this crime a hate crime at this time.

Bibb is being held on a $ 1 million bond. Here’s to hoping this dude never see’s the light of day again! It’s sad that in 2010 heinous and despicable crimes like this occur.



  • not sursprised......

    “Treat her like a queen”

    these dumb azz black bytches will still justify this because the white man can do no wrong

  • .

    Okay . Wtf are you talking bout . You sound dumb azz fuhk . Everybody can do wrong . It doesnt exclude anybody no matter what race you are . Ignorant mf

  • http://deleted white male

    when craigslist meetups go wrong

  • BiGMan

    what hell is wrong with people in TEXAS

  • BiGMan

    This is the second time I heard a white killing a black person then dragging their body behind their truck..WTF..Is that the new thing now? That’s a brutal way to die probably she didn’t want to give up the PUUCCII so he got mad..

  • Tragic Mulatto

    Real black is Chocolate

    Good evening darling! I suppose you think that I’m devil-sh*t for being mixed. I’m actually a really nice person once you get to know me.

  • kaka is the best footballer in the world

    And sad thing about all of this, is that this black woman went with this obvious racist because she believed that he was a ‘ quality ‘ man, and she was exploring her options, and wanted that much coveted light skin baby. I know she thought because he is white, he will treat her better than a black man ( although a black man can kill too ) the sad thing is, I bet she got her advice from those numerous weirdo interracial black women blogs . I bet the media will never give her the press they gave to Natalie Holloway. I predict more black women will walk into traps like these, there are many white murderers who will take advantage of black women desperate for a white man.

  • Lovelybubbly

    @White male. If Real Black went to any countries in Africa such as Sudan,Nigeria or South Africa he would be willing to sell his soul to the devil to come back to America!

  • Jordan

    This cant be possible, they are lying about this story. Read My WORDS, they are lying about this story. This fine upstanding white male couldn’t have done this to a black woman. From Black womens mouths, white males treat them better than black men. I am flabbergasted at this, I mean wow, I never would have thought a white male would kill a black woman and put her under his truck. All white males want black women and treat them like Queens, how could this have happened. Get white and get right my black women, this is a fluke, All white males treat you like Queens and would never put your dead body under a truck or hang you from a tree.

  • me, fools

    seriously, what is up with this real black person?? move to deep rural Ghana if u hate dealing with white ppl and interracial relationships Nothing but glossy ‘real’ black ppl there. switch of your telly, laptop, etc and GO!!!!

  • Peter

    Who cares, she deserved to be killed, stupid black women nowadays, ROFL every white man wants them and they got no common sense.

    Black women are stupid nowadays, they as naive as a little child when they around white males. Another one bit the dust, hope this guy gets a medal of honor. The more black women who are easily fooled by the white race that are killed the better for us all. Survival of the fittest, and I have no sympathy for this broad. I bet she would have been on guard if it was a black male, but a white male these sistas think they bugs bunny and act like some morons. I for one salute this guy,

  • kaka is the best footballer in the world


    Well stop dissing Africa, People in Abuja, Nigeria live well ( not all ) You have a lot of black people in America living in the projects too.

  • Lovelybubbly

    @Jordan. I don’t follow you what do you mean “white men treat women like queens” there are bad people in every color. I cannot believe how much people on this site hate black women I was all into the black community helping one another and I helped a lot of people until I saw how evil and racist black people are towards everybody and black people don’t like each other either.

  • Juan

    LovelyBubbly you having a conversation with your white buddy. How about you leave the ignorant comments about Africa to yourself. South Africa is a beautiful place to visit as well as Ghana and other parts of Africa. You ignorant American Black women have never been there or traveled anywhere outside your dirty hood rat blocks to even try to make a statement about Africa. Now I know why black men avoid most of you, many of you are ignorant beyond repair.

  • kaka is the best footballer in the world


    Black women are becoming obsessed with IR dating and white men. They are the only group with countless articles and blogs, I never read about that stuff in Marie Claire or Cosmo. PS: Most white people keep their potential mates limited and they are not exploring options, so I guess we know who is in the minority. Anyone that bashes their own race, while practically stalking another, is a weirdo and desperate.

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