Joran van der Sloot’s Mother Believes He Killed Stephany Flores Ramirez

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joran van der sloot and mom anita

Joran van der Sloot’s mother speaks on son, and believes he is sick in the head:

Joran Van der Sloot’s own mother thinks he may have killed Stephany Flores.Anita Van der Sloot reportedly made the statement to a Dutch newspaper.

“Joran is sick in his head, but he didn’t want any help,” the Dutchman’s mother is quoted by De Telegraaf, in which she also admits her son “could have done something” to Stephany Flores.

The young Peruvian woman was found dead in the poker player’s hotel room in Lima on May 30. Van der Sloot was arrested several days later in Chile, after fleeing the country.

“I now believe that Joran may indeed have done something to Stephany in Peru,” she is quoted as saying. “Maybe in a burst of anger? I don’t know.” Anita Van der Sloot also reportedly admited to talking with her son the day before he was captured in Chile. “I said, ‘Joran, you’re being searched internationally. A girl is dead. Where are you?'” she said, according to the newspaper. “He sounded frightened. ‘A girl dead?’ Then he fell silent for a moment.” Then, she reportedly said, he added: “‘It’s not Stephany, is it? No, not Stephany!'”

“I told him he had to turn himself in,” Anita Van der Sloot said, according to De Telegraaf. “If only he had listened to his mother.” If, indeed, Joran Van der Sloot is guilty of murdering the 21-year-old Peruvian woman, then his mother may not want anything more to do with her son.

“If he killed Stephany, then he will have to carry the burden of that,” she reportedly said. “I will not visit him in his cell, I cannot embrace him. But he should get a fair trial. He is psychologically disturbed. That has to count for something, right?”



  • Nicole The Nympho: Leela James' Album Is Great!

    thats so sad when your own mother believes you may have done such an awful thing, that boy needs some major help

  • lisa

    AN INTERRACIAL friends MECCA —- B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d * C o m —- WHERE LOVE IS COLOR BLIND ;)

  • sholla21

    She pretty much disowned him with this interview.

  • Nubian King

    Same people who started Apartheid in South Africa, another version of the Inbred mutant Albinos, f him and his mother and his species.


    This dude is insane like really totally. I think van der insane wanted to be caught. Something snapped, maybe he should be locked away in a mental institution forever…forced to eat bread,rats and water.forced to under go shock treatments everyday. Forced to be injected with various diseased to do experiments on how to find cures for them. Van der kraxi is going to be locked away forever….

  • nwilson

    Yes, I feel the same way. If his father were still alive, would she be saying this or would she be trying to cover up another murder? They have no one to protect them now and they are on their own and she has no other choice but to see this guy for who and what he is.

  • JECCA111

    @ Nola Bound
    You are 100% correct…she’s always known the truth about him…NOW she wants to talk smack. She’s as insane and as LOW DOWn as him.


    Joran mum must be sick in the head too for covering up for his sick in the head son in Natalie Holloway murder

  • miss dior

    This boy was clearly jeffery dahmer in the making, he needs to be sawed into two, the other half thrown into Aruba prison.

  • Interesting!

    Did I misss something…he confessesd to killing Stephany and if I am not mistaken, admitted to having somthing to do with Natalie Holloway’s death…and his mother says she THINKS he MAY have done something… Lady cut it out! Your son is a murderer, who had no regard or respect for women. I wonder why? I didn’t know his mother was still alive…or was even a part of his life. She was completely abesent during the Natalie Holloway ordeal and now she comes surfaces. I wonder if his dad had something to do with her not saying anything. Supposedly he was a fairly powerful man.

  • blackJaguaress(my blk sis do somthin'about that unsightly fat please!)

    van der sloot is a disciple of the devil,that’s all I cwill say about that!

  • blackJaguaress(my blk sis do somthin'about that unsightly fat please!)


  • Karryn

    I believe in her spirit, as his mother, she knows he killed Natalie and Stephany. When his dad was alive he ran things and covered stuff up with his money and position. Now that he’s gone his mom wants no part of this. I also think they’re trying to say he’s insane so then maybe he can get an insane plea.

  • tashira


  • cw

    ok, why in the world is everyone coming down on his mother…she’s his mother for god sakes..yeah she knows her son is a retard, but she’s still his many of you would just turn your son in to the cops..u wouldn’t…u would wait until he got caught like everyone else…bottom line..she didn’t kill those girls, he did…she didn’t cover anything up because she wasn’t at either crime scene…u people r retards..if u want to be mad, be mad at the person who committed the crime…not his mother…

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