Lady GaGa Covers Rolling Stone But Is Still Trying To Prove A Point… Saltine Crackers Minus The Vienna Sausage!!!

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"lady gaga covers rolling stones"

Lady GaGa seems to have a complex and it’s somewhat our fault. Ever since we questioned whether or not Lady GaGa is a chick with a d*ck, she always seem to pose with her cakes or va-jay-jay exposed… Like Photoshop doesn’t exsist!!!

Pop the Top for a Peek at Lady GaGa’s Rolling Stone Cover

"Lady GaGa Rolling Stone"

Tommy Guns… Madonna Maybe!?!! On another note Lady Gaga was banned from the Yankees clubhouse over the weekend. In case you missed it… Click Here to See What Went Down!!!


  • !@#$%^&*(!)

    That’s bad when you get banned from an NY game. SMH

  • anewme

    Thanks alot…I just threw up the sausage mcmuffin I had for breakfast.

  • efcv

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  • Simplyme

    That is not even cute ..she looks so stank!

  • BayouSwampMan

    This is one ugly broad. There is nothing about her that’s cute or even ok.

  • wow

    do you have to have that pic up like that .

  • Mrz-Reed

    @ anewme

    LOL….At least I am not the only that just threw their breakfast up!!!


  • Smittyt

    This is the best pose by GAGA yet,i like it.

  • chaka1

    She’s alright. At least she tries to keep it interesting and she works hard…

  • drock

    Great, she’s glamorizing our military/police state. I’m so tired of these puppets.

  • Somali Ninga

    Making Polie/Military State and Martial Law cool GAGA?

  • ThatBKChick

    As I said…I love the Gaga, but I do not appreciate the obession with the media and her not being held to a higher standard. If someone was a black celebrity, turned up to the NY Yankee’s game in their draws/underwear and got s*it faced…it would be all over and it would be a spectacle….when it’s Beyonce she is a ro-bo h*e (what Perez Hilton/TMZ called Bey)…..SMDH! Gaga is talented on her own and does not need to stoop to these levels…a great artist does not need to go here…this is str8 media wh*ring!!!!

  • drock

    @ Somali & Dianerose

    Glad to see you’re awake.

  • Penfold, shush!

    is this chick still hot? i thought we were on to the next one. and no, she wasn’t banned. the media screwed that one up.

  • sholla21

    Lady GaGa seems to have a complex and it’s somewhat our fault
    No it’s not. She’s been doing that since she came out with “Let’s Dance”, way before the hermie rumor started.
    Don’t blame her natural skankiness on us.

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