Coupled Up: Rihanna And Matty-Poo Have Dinner In Hollyweird

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Looking pretty blue in a firey red sweater this evening, Rihanna dines out with boyfriend Matt Kemp of the Dodgers

Rihanna and her lover boy Matt Kemp were spotted having a nice little dinner date. Despite Rih Rih’s scowled out ice grill, the couple looks good together.

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  • LaDiva

    Trouble in paradise already??

  • Taj

    This is the most covered up I have seen her in awhile. But she looks good…and her age.

  • ChinaMommy

    Here gear has NOT been on point lately,, Ri Ri holla at me , I will have you on your A-GAME again….

  • efcv


  • Mr. & Mrs. Idris Elba

    I wonder if he knows he looks like Chris Brown and people have a psychological tendency to date what is familiar to them.

  • belvi

    few things
    she is cute
    she is obviously controlled by the “man”
    i bet she is a straight freak
    she cant sing
    she cant dance
    umm….so what is it she does that makes her famous
    she dresses like a trashy s l ut

  • goody


    Preach on eveything you said is right on the nail

  • Chinnabunni

    Why does she look so sad? Money don’t buy everything.!!!!!

  • Badd

    He’s is not cute at all.
    Neither one of them are
    relevant anymore.


    Rihanna looks AMAZING!


    Rihanna that hair color looks STUNNING!

    Nobody does it better.

    WORK it PRINCESS!!!!

  • aries79

    She is probally tired of cameras in 
    her damn face 24/7… & just want to 
    be with her man.

  • Badd

    I agree with Belvi !

  • uptowngirl

    they don’t look too happy….

  • Lilo

    Dang, she made sure to get out of Barbados quick! I don’t blame her though,I don’t like being around my folks too long either…

  • It's Me

    After dinner you know what time it is…Matt soaking them pannies up real nice I bet…

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