Drake Comes In At #1 And Sells 462,989 Albums In The First Week

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"Drake 1st Week Album Sales"

Drake just gave the music industry an inch of hope by selling over 400,000 albums in his first week. This goes to show that music isn’t completely dead but… we still can’t fully co-sign that Drake is the new face of hip-hop.

"Drake's Album Sales"

Good thing Drake writes his own music because Universal Motown, Cash Money and Young Money get paid before he sees a single dime. Now… It’s Nicki Minaj’s turn, how many do you think she’ll sell the first week???



  • Yun Dun Know

    And what prize do I get for him selling that many albums?



  • Princess

    Congrats Drizzy!! I love his new album.

  • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

    Is this a record? Let’s see how he does week 2 after people have actually heard the albumn.

  • http://twitter.com/_jtp jerzotheking

    A new era has begun.

  • lilbabiphat2004

    thats great im glad he sold that much. it goes to show he wasnt gonna be a “one hit wonder” definitely gonna see more from him in the future

  • Mock Rock Star

    Who the hell buys this music???

  • LaDiva

    I feel like him and nicki are the biggest gimmicks…. And for those calling it hate, I’m far from it. I just like what I like and dislike what I dislike…The end…

  • aries79

    Good 4 him…I may not like all his 
    music but hard work pays off

  • ms dime

    This is not surprising. Drake is the shit.

  • Matix B Women in the Hockey Hall of Fame!!

    He needs to stop putting on that fake southern accent; we don’t talk like that in Toronto. True his father is from Dallas, but mine is from NoLa and I have never spoken with a southern drawl.

  • Read Between The Lines

    I hope T-Pain ain’t getting any bright ideas about putting his latest piece of ish…I mean his “opus” just because Drake got some sales, LoL. He’s gonna need a couple more co-signers before I care to hear what he’s got up his sleeves, hehehe

  • hottiehellyeah


  • Tee

    And if your really doing your research, with him writing his own music, he gets paid up front as well –

  • Read Between The Lines

    I feel you Matix B. Folks from T.O. don’t have southern accents, but since Hip-Hop originates in the U.S. I guess it’s more about “meeting the grade”. I mean you know as well as I do most Canadian Hip-Hop can barely get a spin “Flow 93.5FM” than anything else. Thank goodness for that new Urban station(98.7FM I think?), at least there might be some hope! There are some pretty good MCs bring up the “Quality” of Canadian Hip-Hop(Should we call it the “Drake Effect”?), but then again there are some Cats here who seriously need to step up their game here, lol.

  • countychick13

    I KNEW HE WOULD!!! there’s not a single he has that i don’t love lol you go drake!!

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