Some Morning Cakes: Mary J. Blige Relaxing Poolside In M-I-A

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Mary J Blige in Miami

Mary J. Blige got a little time to herself recently, and here she is looking all tan chillin’ at a pool in Miami.

Pop it to peep MJB’s cake game..

Mary J Blige in Miami

Damn, they didn’t have to do our girl Mary like that. SMH.



  • bee

    her body looks nice but that pic with the dimples is not fair loool….am not saying it not natural it’s just they didn’t have to put her eish out like that….anyway she lloks good for her age….how old is she again? lol

  • Mock Rock Star

    Mary has a nice body…keep up the good work

  • Mock Rock Star

    Errr, I didn’t see those dimples in the back :-(
    Step it up Mary or don’t take back shots every, every again

  • So disapointed in A Keys

    I’m 27 and I’m built just like that. I eat right and exercise but the cellulite is a genetic thing, don’t matter how thin you are, if you have it you gone have it. They bogus for this.

  • !@#$%^&*(!)

    She doesn’t need to go to the gym, there are exercises she can do to tighten up those cheeks the rest of her body doesn’t look bad.

  • !@#$%^&*(!)

    As long as her ankles aint fat

  • Missgee

    She has more wrinkles than my grandmother. Not aging gracefully imo.

  • Yo Momma

    SHE’S A F*CKING RAT!!!!!!!

  • LaDiva

    @ Mock Rock Star

    “Errr, I didn’t see those dimples in the back
    Step it up Mary or don’t take back shots every, every again”

    Lmfao I was thinking the same thing…


    She could stand to trim about 15-20lbs.The tatts have to go too.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber


  • daahlingnikki

    You know what say what you want about Mary but she has always been 100% real…She has never tried to be anything other than who she is and I admire and respect her…Because she didn’t go to the mainstream..She made the mainstream come to her…Love MJB..BTW they were wrong for that butt shot..

  • Yo Momma

    How the fcku do u have all that money,
    and look like this?
    No kids & plenty of cash & resources.
    This f^cking LUSH/Crack Mammie has never
    gotten a dime of my $$ & never will. Can’t
    blame Diddy for making the moves he did on
    this selfish Trick.
    Depressing azz music dumbing down women.
    Fckuing Skank HOOD RAT – DOG.

  • Smittyt

    YUCK YUCK!!!!

  • miss infamous

    Umm no comment on that pic of her booty!

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