Man Gets Life Sentence After Sexually Abusing Baby Daughter And Freezing Her To Death

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William Page

This disgusting f*cker deserves everything he gets:

William Page told the judge he’s innocent, said he got an unfair trial, and then was sentenced to life in prison for leaving his 23-month-old daughter outside to freeze to death after sexually abusing her.

Page’s daughter, Nyia, was found dead in Feb. 2007. Page molested the girl then became angry because she kept removing her diaper. He then left her outside in freezing temperatures. Nyia’s body was found in a wooded area of Rankin, Pa., east of Pittsburgh. Jurors convicted him in March, but split on whether he deserved the death penalty.

Page on Tuesday denied having killed anyone and vowed to fight until he was free.

Allegheny County Judge David Cashman told him he should have received the death penalty and called him a “despicable human being.”

He sentenced Page to life in prison plus 21 to 42 years for murder, kidnapping, making false reports to police and aggravated indecent assault.

Wow, she was still in diapers. Disgusting.



  • Say What???

    She was violated and lost her life, now he should be violated and lose his. An eye for an eye…

  • I Am Legend


  • love

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  • miss infamous

    WTF! People are sick.

  • Nique(C'mon Vamanos!!)

    SMH…I cant even imagine what this child went through b4 she died.

    RIP baby girl

  • I Am Legend

    I think if I ever had jury duty and got a case like that id definitely hold out till I got them all 2 agree 2 the death penalty

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    i hope he gets bum f%$ked every day in prison for the rest of his pathetic life

  • kimip84

    what a sick a hole

  • LaDiva

    @ tb

    His actions have nothing to do with him being blk. Evil, heartless ppl are in abundance and sadly its the defenseless ones they target. I’m at a loss for words… This beautiful little girl will never live her life b/c despicable ppl are rampant in this world.

  • Mika

    Good riddance…bas*ard!

    I’ve read that freezing to death is one of the most horrible ways to die…RIP


    I can’t take no more of this crazy shyt…

  • LaDiva


    Exactly… I mean the point of gossip sites if for u to enjoy your time reading gossip…
    I am so tired of ppl attacking babies..Smh

  • Yun Dun Know


    You have a point there. This isnt gossip per se, its sick muthaf*ckas who should not be given a limelight on a blog (of all places).

    Blog sites are for people to agree and disagree, and debate issues.

    There will be no debate of if he was wrong or right.

    This story should be in a venue fit for his crime; in the court dockets and/or on the desk of a judge who is ready to sentence.

  • Yo Momma

    The FIRING Squad.

  • Mock Rock Star

    Hopefully he’ll be tortured in prison

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