Joran van der Sloot: “I Was Tricked” Into Confession

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Joran Van Der Sloot is claiming he got duped by Peruvian one-time. Pop the hood to see what his b*tch a$s is crying about now.

Van der Sloot, who confessed to hitting then suffocating 21-year old Stephany Flores to death in Peru earlier this month, is now saying in an official complaint he was duped into the confession.

“I have been imposed an unofficial translator whom has confused me, with the intention of pressuring me to incriminate myself in the homicide investigation. I was tricked. In my blind panic, I signed everything, but didn’t even know what it said.”

The complaint filed against homicide director, Col. Miguel Angel Canlla Ore, says the police violated his rights by searching his laptop without permission and forcing him to take a lawyer who is dating of one of the Peruvian police officers.

Ho Sit Down.

Come on  Joran, even your mama thinks you  killed her. This apparently hasn’t stopped some thirsty hoes from trying to marry his crazy a$s.

What do you think? Are the Peruvian po-pos being too rough on Joran or is he getting what he deserves?



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