Alicia Keys And The Baby Bump Perform On GMA

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Alicia Keys at GMA Concert Series 2010 Central Park

Alicia Keys performed “Unthinkable” and “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” this morning on Good Morning America (GMA). That belly is not stopping her from playing the piano and rockin’ the stage… She’s still giving it her all!!!

Pop the Top for a Peek

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Click Here to Watch Alicia Keys Perform “Unthinkable” on GMA


  • Educated Goon

    Hope the baby has good skin



  • Mmmm

    I want to fall back and go away! Don’t you agree.

  • Zell

    She looks beautiful Pregnant! I wish her the best

  • Aaisha Hajjah

    She is so very tallented and she is beautiful as well, I might not agree with all of the choices that she has made, but who am I to judge, I’m to busy trying to keep the skeletons from falling from my own closet may God continue to bless you and yours.

  • rain

    YES alicia keys should fall back and go away,yea take her a long haitus 5 or 6 yrs. Just think this heffa was singing about a married man. HEr music is so boring

  • rain

    The only way aliciakeys gonna have a good performance on the BET awards is if she brings some other artist out with her

  • rain

    @sarah akeys stan at its worse,who^re stop! lol

  • neenee

    Of course her baby will have good skin, he/she will be part black.

  • http://google Dee Dee01

    Gonna B a Beautiful baby!

  • jia

    My mother taught me if you have nothing good to say…say nothing at all. I will say nothing at all.

  • smile

    I think its wonderful she is still performing while pregnant shows her passion for sharing and giving her best.. no one should judge its not good for the soul have a great weekend everyone look at your life and fix it instead of focusing so intently on someone else’s

  • Jay the Real One

    She was great and looks great. Blessings to her and the baby.

    Maxwell was on the Today Show doing an outdoor concert today as well.

  • Najeeskye

    Just Lawd please don’t let that baby have swizzes hairline. GOT-DAMN!!!!!

  • I Smoke With Cigarrettes!!

    Hoish tendencies are not cute. Not feeling her and she does need to fall back. When you sell your soul for sin, you gonna reap the rewards. May God bless that innocent child.

    All those talking about folks need to handle their ‘skeletons’ and ‘deal with their own dirt’ need to fall back and realize this is a public forum and Alicia Skeez is going to be judged for sleeping with a married man, helping to wreck his marriage and take a husband from his son. She should be ashamed.

    I said it and don’t have no qualms about it. I ain’t slept with somebody’s husband. Now what?!

    Geebz nutz in yo mouth!

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