Quote Of The Day: Nicki Minaj Says “I Don’t Date Women And I Don’t Have Sex With Women”

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Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose

Nicki Minaj has spent most of her career leading the public to believe that she licks the box. But now she’s sayin’ that ain’t the case. Pop the hood for her words.

Nicki’s cover story in the current issue of VIBE magazine kills all speculation about her sexuality. The writer notes:

She until now let rumors of her bisexuality fester (“I don’t date women and I don’t have sex with women”)

So what was with all the blatant innuendo with Amber Rose? What about her plottin on wax to “take Cassie from Diddy”. All that was a gimmick???

SMH. Is Nicki just a pathological liar who changes her story to fit her mood for the day, or did she just let folks assume from her lyrics and imagery that she swung both ways because she’s an attention whore who likes to get folks talking???


  • Diane

    Nicki is not lying. Damn it’s just a song. Does every artist live their lyrics? Team Nicki. Looks like she is growing up.


    She only did it for attention. Good job in helping exploiting black women Nicki, SMH

  • jp

    blacks blaming racist for being poor uneducated having no father smoking crack aids baggy pants ghetto names broken english jail gangs and being overweight.It is not black people fault at all. They are the same amount of racist blacks as their are whites okay. If all whites were racist their would be no half/black president. Their are racist people on both sides!!!!!!!!!1 It is not racist to not want to drive trough the ghetto in you brand new BMW. or where diamonds in a black club.You are way more likely to get robbed it is a fact!!!

  • maya


    Thats what people get for believing everything they hear



  • http://www.twitter.com/mialovesu_not @Mialovesu_not

    either way she did it good lol everyone bought into it

  • creole doll

    nicki is fake and a liar this story is boaring this woman is gay now she tryna lie about it what a loser

  • http://twitter.com/feline_finesse K-mia

    she’s gay as hell…she’s had an extreme makeover to look feminine. But to be a successful female rapper, you hafta tone down the gay. She has to make straight raps to please a male-run industry. Men dont wanna hear a woman rapping about sexing other women. It doesnt fit the fantasy (for men, or straight women) if the man is not involved, so she must pretend to like men to keep an audience.

  • http://* Kristina

    Bleh. This child bores me.

  • okay

    This chick is dumb as rocks stuck up and b**tchy.

  • TRUTH IS....

    so is wat then….nicki



  • BrieCeleste

    Faking to be something you’re not is lame as hell… just that simple. Minus one fan…

  • http://esaw0111@rock.com realtalk


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  • fam

    Damn so of ya’ll are waaay too invested in this girls life…gay or not i bet everyone on here knows atleast one of here lyrics by heart….whether she ets the box or not…she aint thinking about ya’ll so why ya’ll so invested in her life. Enjoy the music or change the channel or station.

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