Ray-J Couldn’t Get Past The Groupie Love On VH1… Now He’s Making Red Carpet Appearances With Which D-Lister??? *Bossip Exclusive*

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Ray-J could never seem to get it right with the chickens on his reality show “For The Love of Ray-J”. He decided to hit the red carpet at the BMI Pre-BET Awards event with a little arm candy and this chick is no stranger to athletes or celebrities. D-Lister Love… How Romantic!!!

Pop the Top for Ray-J’s Date…

BMI- Ray-J

Dominican Mami Julissa Bermudez, one of the host from BET’s, whatever they need her for! These two definitely arrived together but once they hit the red carpet, Julissa fell back. Julissa may be what Ray-J needs in order for him to settle down. If she watched “For the Love of Ray-J” then she already knows she has her hands full… Were going to keep our eye on this one!!!

Danger also showed up to the event and she appeared to be SANE!!!

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  • dee

    Who the hell invited Danger and why??!!!

  • p diddy


  • Jee

    RayJ proved himself to be a womanizer!

  • babynurses101

    I think when Ray J settles down he is going to make someone one hellava man. The way he loves his sister and his mom is untouchable. The only problem is so far no other woman has inspired that in him. So leave the man alone. He’s young,, let him be young. At least he has the decency to wait until he is truly ready unlike most folks. Do your thing Ray!

  • TastesMinty2010

    Why would he treat a woman the way he does when he claims to have so-called respect for his mom and sister? If he’s doing all this for the camera then a person could see why he’s portrays himself in a bad light.



  • rain

    Jullissa is so played out ,nobody wants her,and ray j is a lame

  • Unkle Ruckus

    Good to see Danger in a calm state. JULISSA, she smashed the homies! LMBAO!

  • Kristina

    Lol@ redbonearies

  • me

    Now Ray how you gon bring Julissa as your date and she was with Quentin Richardson Brandy’s ex fiance ? GTFOH

  • lala2hotmami

    RayJ might as well get back with Kim Kardashian. Oh yeah, that’s right she’s on to the real money makers now, and she’s too big for him. He made her, and now he’s scraping up has-been type chicks. Oooops Ray-j your a throwback lame loser.

  • Deesac

    Ray jay is a good looking young brother with money basically he can have whatever he wants so people stop hating.

  • bmarie

    danger looked pretty…

  • GOTYOU -

    Anyone that thinks that Ray-J is anything beond a D-lister is giving him credit for being the brother of Brandy.

  • It's Me

    Ray J is such a chump. Gets no respect!

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