Tyler Perry Gets His Period And Starts Firing Folks Because Of The Boondocks Episode That Aired His Gay Business

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"Tyler Perry The Boondocks 3"

The Boondoocks episode that aired this past Sunday claims to have Tyler Perry handing out pink slips over at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, GA. Apparently Madea Tyler Perry is 38 HOT about the episode dishing out his secrets to success… HUH?!??

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Word on the streets is the recent ’Boondocks’ episode, that mocked everything TP hit a deep nerve with the mogul. Our source claims he’s paranoid and believes it was an inside job – based on the show’s accuracy!!!

Our source also says that Madea is giving pink slips to his entire staff [not the shirtless boy wonders of course] starting Friday – – he wants to control any leaks of information about ”the compound!!”

Click Here to Watch The Boondocks Mock Tyler Perry and Everything He Represents!!!

So apparently the information in the Boondock’s episode had some truth to it, and only could’ve been leaked by someone that works at the studio. So, um, which part of the episode below has some truth to it Mr. Perry!!!

If this is true… This is TERRIBLE!!! How Many of Ya’ll Believe This True???



  • fried flounder n scallops

    lmao! dat episode was funny as shyt! dat faqqot mad now! lol

  • fried flounder n scallops

    n yall know dat shyt is true, dats y it was so funny! lol cant wait til an ex employee spills the beans to the inquirer lol

  • boss

    it is very unlikely that Tyler Perry cares about the boondocks. that show is not funny at all and has no merit what so ever!

  • c-dog

    I thought the show was funny! I didnt think it was that serious. The Boondocks is like a Black South Park! GET OVER IT PEOPLE!

  • Sha

    I don’t think it’s true…sounds like someone’s reaching. I thought it was funny though!

  • John J


  • Kool

    Got her…I mean him!!!

  • HelpANIGGAout!

    TP got bomb’d on by a frickin’ cartoon! Goes to show that the cats out the bag with secrects! The illuminati is falling and so is the benefactors:))

  • gemini62065

    Wow…I hope this is just a rumor, because that would be silly. Wasn’t the main theme of the show about how the average person is willing to trade everything in for fame? It was funny though! Pause…pause again…pause again Grandad!

  • John

    The episode has an impact similar to a drop of water in a bucket…just laugh at the episode if it’s funny then get over it or get mad at the episode and get over it…..now if the bucket starts to fill like they make a few episodes about you and songs and basically dedicate a whole show to you then you might start flipping and maintain bitterness but even then as long as your tru to self you sustain while the haters try to stain ur name….I like the red ballon episode but i didn’t really like the tp episode…the other episodes of season three had a few laughs but more trash but I would still say I’m a fan

  • gemini62065

    @ John,

    I agree with you…I don’t think it should be taken so seriously.

  • rain

    my baby got an audition @The Compound lol ,so yall can leave tyler perry alone

  • Mock Rock Star

    As bad as black folks need their jobs I hope this sh*t is untrue. I heard Tyler has replaced his black foundation with more white folks and that’s probably the main reason why he’s so successful now. If it is true than I say the people who get fired come out full blast on his a$$ and don’t let the fear of god stop u…I’ll be waiting to see what happens.

  • redbonearies

    This post is all kinds of wrong.

  • Texas

    As stated I always thought Tyler Perry was gay. Everytime Tyler Perry has an interview he can’t get out of character. I have seen several men play women roles but everyone gets out of character but Tyler. The secret is out……..

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