Diddy And His Cheeleaders Were Smoked Out While On Stage And Nicki Minaj Needs To Learn To Lip Synch

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Diddy and Dirty Money BET Awards

Diddy and Dirty Money hit the stage at the 2010 BET Awards performing “Hello… Good Morning” along with T.I., Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj. Between Dawn, Kaleena and Nicki Minaj… Diddy may need to holla at Monistat 7 for a sponsorship…

Pop the Top for a Peek

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Nicki MInaj wasn’t to far off but still… If you’re gonna do it, don’t half a$$!!!


  • rain

    Nicky minaj how can you lipsinc a rap ,this heffa.lil KIm was right about her

  • ayla

    i really like nicki but i cant stand dirty money… next

  • tiffanydawnn

    Ummm… ok

  • RazeKane

    I’am shocked NO ONE caught on fire with all the fire and pyro goin on during diddy’s performance, looked more like macy’s fireworks.

  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    This Whole Show Was Garbadge. Especially Chris Brown And His FAKE Crying Scene…..Ahaha. Hes The Reason Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Beyonce Didnt Attend The Awards…Everyone Knows BeyBey Can Put On A Performance And WOW The Audience…Smh. BET Needs To Leave It Up To MTV and VH1.

  • TheRealDiane

    The song didn’t start popping until the Queen Nicki showed up regardless if she was lipping.

  • Air It Out!!!

    I agree this show was not as good as last year show! Queen Latifah was not funny nor was she a good host. The performances was blah. But I think CB emotion was REAL. He was crying not only bc he idolize MJ but this his 1st time performing since that incident and no one was throwing shade. Its time for everyone to move on from that. THat big head heffa did!!

  • Peace

    @Ms Lovely

    Yeah I think somebody on the production team needs to get fired! Her back track was WAY too loud…she wasn’t lip synching because you can hear her trying to compete with the track. I thought she looked cute tho.

  • wtfever

    Dirty Money did well to me. Nicki is just horrible, WTF do you need to lip sync a rap? Thats wack!!


    This years BET show was way better than last year.

    Diddy and Dirty Money were sabotaged by the production company. Eminem performance didnt have any mistakes. Did you notice how people stood up and acted like they were into Eminem but they didnt show the audience at all with DIRTY MONEY!

    It was an inside job on Dirty Money!

  • LaDiva

    This group is wack and so is Diddy…
    And for Nicki, ehhh I want Lil Kim … imposters need not apply…

  • vanilla's so plain

    lmao at ha ha ha…tell us how you feel!
    dirty money looks dirty and hungry…that ex-making the band chick looks real hard in the face. it’s funny how like 15 years later pee doody is still dancing around on stage like a fool, but he’s got kim mirage, err, I mean that other ho instead of lil kim at his side. swap one out and put another one in, huh? the industry is lame.

  • S Fitz

    I like Dirty Money… Rick Ross is my nigg… Nicki (im a fan) try again next year… I like the orange tho…

  • Zora

    Nicki reminds me of ODB…especially when she sings that crazy part…

  • BigDaddy

    When you don’t have any REAL talent; the next best thing to do is to surround yourself with younger “talents” and pyrotechnics to show the world that you are still somewhat relevant.

    P Shiddy = Old Man FAIL.

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